it’s all over now, baby blue

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i usually stay off the beaten political path these days.  primarily because i don’t vote any more.  it’s a waste of time.  sadly, it’s the case.  the point being, voting is a waste of time.  so tell me what voting has done for the collective masses or anyone in particular other than the big money shits who actually run shit in either party?  like i said voting is a waste of time.

ok, so it would seem that john mccain is sorta kinda poised to win the gop nomination this coming tuesday not with standing.  yep, there’s always the fine print that must be dealt with.  forthwith. 

let’s get something straight right from the get go.  as a vietnam vet i have nothing but awe and praise for john’s pow life.  he stood up to the devils and won his own private war.  to this day i still wonder if i could have done what he and others dealt with on a daily basis for many years.  i praise him for his sad time in hell. i’m sure that his private time in hell had something to do with his thought process and other stuff.  i know my own time in nam has had a profound effect on my own sorta life. 

jesus, i sound like mark anthony praising the dead caesar.  yeah, there might be something to that.  poor john has been all over the political map concerning pretty much anything on said map.  mexicans crossing the border like ants in the summer looking for food and water.  fine bring em on.  i don’t think so.  sorry it seems politically incorrect these days but it’s what is what.

i have said this before and i will say it again.  and again.  the gang problem in the black communities and our communities.  they are inseparable.  it’s due to the illegal aliens.  say what?  yeah.  the illegal aliens have taken the jobs that young blacks have had for years.  entry level jobs.  the same jobs i had at one point as a youth.  jobs doing what no one else wanted to do.  busing tables washing dishes short order cook pigeon shit cleaner car wash attendant janitor laborer gas pump jockey gardener winery floor cleaner.  get my drift?  i doubt it.

maybe not.  cause it seems they all have no problem with masses of illegals crossing the border and dragging middle america, black, white, latino, or asian down and out.  it means nothing to them.  any of them.  well, that’s a drift of sorts.  though the entrenched will tell you the millions of illegal aliens are having no ill effect on the country.  makes you wonder just what country they are living in.  tangents.

annapolis?  the naval academy.  fine.  john went there only because his dad was an admiral.  fine.  my dad has helped me as well.  i’m not sure about the exact numbers but john graduated at the bottom of his class.  the bottom.  well, some one has to.  sure.  just not the next commander in chief.  sorry.  once again, i have nothing but respect for his time in north vietnam commie hell.  god bless him.  sat cong. that felt good so i’ll say it again, sat cong.  i’m veering badly and i can’t stop.

however, john is and has been all over politically.  blown one day this way the next day that.  the winds cry mary of sorts.  all these years he’s been here and there and back there or not and maybe over here and then maybe let’s go back jack and say what?  ok.  i’m there or not and maybe.  fine john stay in the senate and just do whatever it is you do.  he makes me and other wags wish for the days of bob dole.

bottom line is john isn’t qualified for the job of commander in chief.  then again there’s no else running that is qualified as well.  lady machill?  please.  shakespeare wrote about her centuries ago.  obama?  oofa.  a rookie senator with nothing in his past that makes him even seem presidential and he doesn’t even have a ted sorenson working for him.  please.  however, obama has the the other teddy.  the drunken bad driver teddy in his camp.  if teddy can find his pants and an untapped bottle of vodka things might become entertaining.  old joe, bad back jack, and bobby the mob killer, cringe.  nuff said.  rudy?  yeah.  boy.  i don’t think so.  mitt?  no thanks.  same goes for any of the others as well. 

perhaps it’s just this end of times thingy.  the ennui of it all that has me in it’s grip.  the what the fuck is the fucking point that has me vaguely enthralled with it’s vapid nothingness.  sadly, we as a nation are at our nadir.  it’s a downhill slide from here on out.  trust me.  buckle up.  not that it’s gonna help much.  the deal has gone down.  we just sit here with our feet stuck to the movie theatre floor as we wait for the credits on the movie screen of life to bring the coda to this sad trip known as mankind.

life’s but a walking shadow, pity the poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage then is heard no more.  thanks, will.  we sit, wait, and fret.  feet stuck to the floor while the fat lady warms up in the wings.  so be it.

this mornings music provided by, bob dylan, ‘bringing it all back home’.



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