it’s lunar new years eve, happy tet, happy year of the rat

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yeah, take your pick.  don’t matter.  it’s all good, as the sad saying goes.  stupor tuesday is a thing of the past and just grist for the mills.  moe better, the new year deal goes down tomorrow.  though it’s already been there done that in mainland china.  yeah, the mother ship of asian culture.  as it should be.  sorry japan.  ok, so like there’s this and that culture wise.  though my chinese culture family mavin’s say the japanese stole shit.  language and otherwise.  like i’d know but well, i believe them.

today is rat year chinese/tet new years eve.  my birth year.  my 60th on the planet.  a big deal asian wise.  i look forward to my year.  you should too.  i think it just might be a good one.  if only for us rats.  yeah, the black plague bearers of middle centuries past euroland.  what can i say?  not much other than…ah, clean up your act, wash your hands and fucking clothes in hot goddamn water with some soap for christ sakes.  plus, um, stay the fuck away from rats.  sweet marie.  yes, of course, way too late for that action.  just as well or the planet would be even more or way more over populated.  guess we have lots of wars to thank for that as well.

it’s new years eve.  china/nam/japan/korea/et al asia time.  sweet.  rat year.  my year.  get down and boogie time year.  prolly one of the last get down and do it years.  life schleps onward to what has been written.  capice?  at any rate, perhaps vino and some old old fleetwood mac with peter green to help shake that moneymaker and welcome in the new year.   

sure, the whole rat year could end up a toilet year.  i hope not.  the deal needs to go down to be sure just what it all means.  after all it’s just rock and roll but i like it. 

a bit later it’s off to a nice beijing joint for a few of our favorites from the place.  one called three delicacies, a shredded 5 spice tofu, with shredded leaks, shredded pork, and some kickin’ hot peppers.  damn, a very fine dish you ain’t gonna find in your local chinese joints.  trust me.  the other dish a nice buddhist delight, braised tofu and mushrooms.  like wise.  um, yeah, we’ll bring em home, nuke em up later, along with some other stuff we already have here for new years eve west coast l.a. time dinner.  yes.  plenty of vino as well.  sure.  it’s the year of the rat, new years eve.    happy lunar new year!!!  happy tet!!!



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