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my friend, mel, reported yesterday the the mccain camp…yes, another non voter raises his voice again. a voice that i should probably just keep to myself.  though in this case and probably more cases before november i’ll get amped up and deal it out.  i guess i just can’t fucking stay away.  whatever.  i’ve already pissed some of my regular readers off so i may as well go for the gusto.  fuck it. 

politics is a strange and weird thing.  i am a fan.  though there are very few politicians i give a flying fuck about.  the clintons?  nary a peep on my radar.  it’s all about macbeth and richard the 3rd in their case.  plus other shakespearean stuff as well.  obama?  just a rookie dude who has some sort of charisma but ted sorenson still ain’t working for him.  i guess i’m being a bit too esoteric here but do your homework folks.  please.  though it doesn’t matter the guy has no, let me repeat that, no fucking qualifications to be the commander in chief.  oh, he’s black.  big fucking deal.  he and his camp are clueless.  the current kennedy’s included.

i’ve drifted as usual.  my friend mel reported yesterday that john ‘cougar’ mellencamp has asked, under no certain terms, that the john mccain camp cease and desist from playing his tunes in regards to jmacs political stuff.  jesus.  if i were the mellonchump i’d be pleased as punch(that’s an old hhh line.  more homework kids.  you pretend to give a  shit about shit then you better know some shit.) that anybody was even listening to or gave a shit about my old crappy songs.

of course it’s his music.  i guess he’s just unhappy he doesn’t have one of his moldy oldies still running in some tv ad.  must be big money as the stones, jesus, piss me off, have had an ad running as well. plus other ‘radicals’ of the 60’s and 70’s.  does bobby zimmerman ring a bell?  yeah, let’s sell out.  like we don’t have enough money already.  jesus, mick, if you kept your dick in your pants and used a rubber you wouldn’t have all this money being pissed away to a bunch of kids you never really wanted.  who will never see any of it because their mothers are of dubious character.  yes, of course, she is very nice looking. 

damn, i get bloody sidetracked.  mccain.  mellonchump.  bad juju.  poor jmac the dude is clueless.  then he has some has been semi sorta relevant rock and roller giving him shit cause jmac plays his tunes at political events.  sorry, it’s slim and lame.  yeah, well, maybe mellonchump has a point.  maybe.  when i run for like say, the devil, does that mean the stones are gonna get pissed i play ‘sympathy for the devil’ at all of my greet and meets?  jesus, what the fuck?  what has the world come to?  a bunch of sad sack fucking retards running for the greatest office in the world.  and a bunch of washed up useless rockers bitching because someone is playing their tunes and that someone is someone they don’t fucking like.  what the fuck?  am i missing something here?  i will play whatever the fuck i want on my pa system at any of my events and you can fucking sue me asshole.  j c mellonchump or anybody else for that fucking matter.  fuck you.  get the picture?

yeah, bad back jack, lbj, and the trick, damn, i miss those guys.  they all turn over in their collective graves at the sad spectacle unveiling itself before us.  we have reached the end of times.  pure and simple.  if it isn’t the end of times it bloody well should be.  if it ain’t then i don’t want to be around for any more of this shit.  fuck it and them.



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