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i wrote this last night.  got side tracked with the tv and a show about khe sanh that i’ve seen several times but well…so doing my usual cursory semi edit this morning. 

yes, of course, my potty mouth.  tough shit.  it’s  inherited blood.  it came from an italian uncle…um…not a blood uncle just my favorite uncle.  the dude could rip em off and i loved him dearly.  i loved his long suffering wife as well, a blood italian aunt.  they are both gone now and have been for years.  just more of me i miss.  dearly.

then of course there’s my imaginary friend, lowell. not quit harvey the rabbit but close.  he paints nice stuff.  he’s on myspace and on the worldwide web at or  just do it.

god, the tangents just keep on coming.  ok, so like i slipped a music cd into the computer and it was this or it was that.  exactly.  yeah, well, it came down to ella, sweet sweet ella.  my long dead girlfriend.  ahhh, sweet ella.  her sweet vocals soothe my savage crapola.  guess i need to listen more.  though like anything else too much sugar is like too much.  capice?  perhaps.

the drift is major tonight.  so like i slipped the cd into the computer.  yeah, ok, jwfh, it was damn near sexual.  damn sure, it was ella, that sweet dead fucking amazing blues/jazz singer.  i love the woman and jesus, do i miss her. 

ok.  ella is on the speakers.  my oh my.  so i start my ritual.  i do the yahoo mail first well, just because it’s first. 

yahoo mail.  an email from the surfrider foundation.  i get them here and there.  how the fucking ever this one made this old pacific ocean dawg feel pretty goddamn good.  woowhoo.  ella singing her heart out on the speakers.  jazz me up.  sing me some blues, baby.  trestles is saved.  fucking amazing.  the rat year starts out on a big fucking note.  fucking a.  woowhoooo.

trestles.  one of the best surf breaks in the world.  was saved today by the california coastal commission.  the fucktards i dissed a few weeks ago for their stupid and money grubbing decision to build homes near an ocean tidal water place in huntington beach.  the fuckers came in strong today.  they saved trestles from it’s sad demise.  they went for the surf spot over a toll road.  yeah, well, that’s a no brainier.  or so it would seem.   

of course they probably, in the political sense, figured they fucked up with the bolsa chica deal and came back sorta strong with their save trestles deal.  a sorta hey, look at us we know what we are doing kind of deal.  though trestles is sacred to surfers, even us olden surfers who don’t surf anymore, sorta like charlie.  figure that one out and get bsck to me.   

fucking trestles.  cottons point.  it’s sister spot.  just a chip shot north.  the water in front of dick the tricks casa pacifica en california way back when.  the naval presence off shore.  a cruiser or destroyer or two.  catch me if you can.  cottons point a safe surfing place at the time.  trestles.  yeah, trestles.

trestles was in those days on government property.  marine corps property to be exact.  camp pendelton to be more exact.  camp disneyland to those in the corps.  thankfully, not my milieu.  it was close but no cigar.  that’s for another time.  god, i just can’t get it together.

surfing trestles in the olden days was a crap shoot.  the marines loved to catch you on their property.  sneaking in was sorta viet cong like and the boys were ready for that.  if they caught you it was a trip to the commandants office and a sorta humbling experience to get your board back.  yeah, they took your surfboard.  it was after all at that time marine corps property. 

at some point, probably in the time of the trick or maybe ronnie they area around trestles was deeded over to the state of california to be used as a state park.  i don’t remember exactly when so if you want to know for sure.  google it.  

ella sweet ella.  my love.  she’s is some aunt i never knew but there’s like this history musically or something of sorts.  ah, sweet sweet ella.  i got it bad and that ain’t good.  ooofa.  tell me about it. 

trestles was saved by the california coastal commission today.  shit sorta works.  though however  there’s the fine print.  trestles was saved cause lots of surfers and old surfers like me mailed emailed and otherwise bothered the humps in sacramento who were dead set on building a toll road that would have killed trestles as a surf spot and or a camping spot.  for now.

yeah, for now.  it seems like a give and take for the money boys.  ok, we got the bolsa chica wetlands so we will give you trestles.  for now.  yeah, my olden age and time under the thumb tells me this.  ok.  for now.  trestles is saved.

the gut tells me it ain’t a done deal.  it should be but politics am politics.  money deals.  the semi rag tag surfer bunch won this round.  though money talks in the long run.  big money wins.  gop or democrat.  don’t matter.  it all comes down to the money.  or sex.  sex ain’t got anything to do with trestles.  one of the best surf breaks in the world.  in the sad end it’s gonna come down to money.  trestles bought sought some time today.  let’s see just how much time it bought.

a photo of trestles beach in southern california and it’s world class break 



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