the biggest game of the year(?)

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it’s only st. valentine’s day but there’s already talk of this coming august 30th and the beginning of the next college football season.  fine by me.  i should probably be doing something else more creative but just like back in my school daze i’m putting it off for some other time and later date to be determined.  veering already.

last night after dinner i was perusing ‘sports illustrated’ on line and stewart mandel’s college football column in particular.  august 30th kicks off the college season this year.  i can’t wait.  plus it’s always nice when there’s something to read about college football.  i mean signing day is over and done, the spring camps are still weeks away, then it’s summer and the death valley days of college football.  props must be given to stewert mandel for getting this game down on paper.  yes, he had a hand in getting it done.  see his column for details.    

any the ways, the big college football news is that appalachian st has signed a deal with the vaunted lsu tigers to open the season on august the 30th.  this is apparently a big deal.  other games on that date include missouri and illinois.  ok, remember you heard it here first, missouri wins and covers.  then there’s usc and virginia.  the trojans win and cover. 

pundit wise, the lsu appalachian st game has everyone in a tizzy.  not me.  sorry.  yes, st has won the lower division championship game for the last what seems like decades.  then they beat lloyd carr and his michigan team last year.  that game has set everyone on their ears or asses.  my take is that lloyd wasn’t ready for them and neither was his team.  his team wasn’t ready for anybody for several more weeks.  it took a bit more embarrassment to get them motivated. 

les miles and the lsu tigers won’t be a deer in the headlights for jerry moore and his appalachian st boys.  the lsu tigers see this one coming.   sure they are both division champs and it’s nice to see a lower division champ step up and play ‘the division’ champ.  a lower division team that has in the past few years put some hurt on other higher division 1 teams.  fine.

it’s nice to have some college football talk about the upcoming season in the middle of february.  it’s nice to have some college football talk any time.  this game between lsu and applachian st may be interesting.  will it be the biggest game of the year?  i doubt it but you never know.  that being said, lsu wins and covers the points in what will turn out to be a rout.



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