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yes, of course.  it’s oscar time.  there’s always ‘the list’ of top films out there this time of year.  yeah, of course.  as one bandwagon jumper to the next…why not?

my friend, jwfh, has stuck up his fave music movies.  some i’ve seen and one in particular i haven’t seen.  regardless.  ‘a hard days night’ is one of those life changing movies  for me.  i was a beach boy till i saw that beatles movie at some drive-in in de onta/montclairmollyville.  after that for a short time i was a beatle.  then of course i became a rolling stone and am still very proudly a stone to this day.

ok.  so like folks still seem to have this thing for ‘gone with the wind’.  it’s like still the all time fave of movie folk.  jesus, i don’t see it and never have.  i mean i love the olden stuff but wind ain’t even on my radar.  it sucks.  big time.  gawd awful movie.  guess the only thing going for it is, ‘the’ civil war movie.  sadly.  yeah, well it still sucks.  there’s a civil war movie out there yet to be made that will surpass it.  no doubt.  but like i doubt it.  sadly.  ooofa.  ‘gone with the wind’ a cheesy movie.  the book blew or blows as well.  i guess i’m just, whatever. 

‘casablanca’, a fine movie and one of bogie’s best.  it’s up there as well.  and it should be.  though i have other bogie movies before it.  gotta go ‘big sleep’ instead. 

‘star wars’, ok.  a piece of shit movie that has special effects going for it.  nothing more.  so sue me.  the movie sucks.  jesus, the old ‘star trek’ stuff is like way better.  i’ve watched the first 3 ‘star wars’ movies a few times, i have them on tape.  they are pretty much un-watchable.   just fucking creepy crappy sappy shit.  hmmm, kinda like ‘gone with the wind’.  gawd, we are doomed. 

francis ford coppola.  ok.  the best since i was born.  probably the best ever.  ok.  ok.  john ford.  and a few others are right up there.  first 2 ‘godfather’ movies are supreme.  then there’s ‘apocalypse now’.  nothing much more to be said.  francis makes wine these days.  pretty good stuff for the most part.  just like his movies.  well, his movies suck these days.  the wine is still fine. 

ok, so like i’ve been here and there and nothing much has been said.  fine.  whatever.  though ‘gone with the wind’ sucks.  the american publics favorite movie.  fuck me.  i don’t see it.  never have.  never will.



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