the jolly blue giant

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i’ve imported this over from another spot.   the avatar and photo section comment don’t apply here.

one of the jobs i had long ago was up in the berkeley/oakland area.  i worked for concert promoter, bill ehlert, the jolly blue giant and his production company.  amazingly enough, jolly blue giant productions.  jolly handled all the acts that came into town that weren’t already signed on to play or work for bill graham.

a friend and i were just more or less his gophers doing what ever came up.  from hanging posters on  telephone poles to picking up and delivering stuff.  a good portion of the time that also meant staying one step ahead of the san francisco parking cops and their tow trucks.  plus doing the other usual stuff associated with working for any concert promoter. 

the current avatar is for one of the shows he did in berkeley.  there’s a couple more in the photo section as well.  i couldn’t find anything for his van morrison show there or 3 the nights of joan baez at the berkeley amphitheater or 3 nights of the young bloods at the family dog in san francisco.  there were other shows too like guitar player john fahey, joy of cooking, and country joe mcdonald.

while i was searching the net this past week looking for old concert posters of shows that i had actually attended.  i learned that bill ehlert had passed away in october of last year.  bill was a very nice man.  one of those folks you probably don’t come across to often in your life.  i enjoyed working for him and more importantly being treated as a friend. 

i hadn’t seen or spoken to jolly since my time working for him back in the early 70’s.  however, when i learned he had passed away it made me sad.  sad an old friend from long ago was gone.  an old friend who was very nice and very non-judgmental.  a man who it was a pleasure to be around and work for.  it’s a bit belated but…adios, jolly.  may you rest in peace.



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