brother, can you spare me some daylight?

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ok.  it’s that time of year again.  the clocks either lose us some time or gain us some time.  either way we lose.  yahoo reported yesterday that the daylight saving time deal is stupid and useless.  this came from a big study by the university of indiana.  yeah, ok they had bobby knight there throwing stuff around and acting immature for years plus their football team sucks but i’m sure they have it together intellectually.

i’ve been saying it for years.  damn near eons,  daylight saving time is a hoax and just something that gets folks all bound up and pissed off for at least 2 or 3 weeks on either end of the stupid spectrum.

ah, but no.  our dumb ass elected ones were bought off by some goddamn lobby or another and we the supremely stupid pay for it.  we pay for the, so like if it’s lighter at night folks gonna be more inclined to go out and buy shit.  jesus, that logic is nothing more than some old episode of ‘amos and andy’.  which by the by was a damn fine show and yeah, ok, i ain’t pc.  any the ways that was the governments reason for the last daylight dicking and the one before it’s dicking with the already stupid idea of daylight saving time.

it am gonna saves energy.  no, it doesn’t.  turn the lights on in the morning or the evening.  what the fuck is the difference? 

kids will and have been going to school in the dark.  i been saying this one and the last one for years.  seems like none of our elected elite care about kids.  or saving energy.  oh, they yammer and wail and act righteous when you bring kids up.  but they think anybody who has kids going to school in the dark is an asshole if they complain.  just another reason i quit voting for the tools of the money grubbers.

we the stupid clueless just limp along and take whatever the elite deal out.  um, we gonna get us some more daylight?  ok.  sure.  bring it on.  thing is ain’t no moe daylight.  daylight am what it am.  sorta like popeye.  no washington stooge is gonna make any more light than there already is.  trust me.  the humps in dc may think they are the creator but they are sadly lacking.

so bottom line we are all gonna just be out of sorts for the next few weeks because we all lost an hours worth of sleep tonight.  the same sad process happens again in october or november or some damn time or another.  though we then gain an hour but in the end we are all just pissed off and out of it for a few weeks.  what is the fucking point?

can’t we just leave the fucking clock alone?  just let us deal with what we are dealt with by the creator, buddha, or swami vishnu.  screw the politicians and their lobby money and stupid ideas that are just bunk science to begin with.

wake up folks.  take your life back. 



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