somebody spring me so i can play spring ball

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college football is in it’s beginnings for the year.  it’s spring football time.  time for the schools to see who is ready for the coming fall.  a time where players vie for a spot on the 1st teams.  that time of year where spring practice just might make or break a player. 

this year there seems to be a rather dark cloud over spring football and college football in general.  the majority of ‘sports illustrated’ college football stories the past couple of days have been about college players being arrested for various serious crimes.  not only the past few days but a good number of them so far this off season.  of course, everyone is presumed innocent until they cop a plea or end up in court and lose.  or in a few of the cases they are exonerated completely.  or the mis-deed is proved to be wrong.  it was just the kid’s bad judgment and stupidity that got him in trouble.  though being caught with stolen property and a hand gun sorta might mean some jail time down the road.  hopefully.

it just seems to me that there are more and more of the bad apples in the barrel that is college football these days.  oh sure, out of the thousands of young men who play the college game the number of them getting arrested or suspended from the team are just a fraction of the whole.  however, there seems to be more of them every year. 

is it just a sign of the times or something else?  perhaps schools drooling over a certain prospect that would fill a void or need wherever on the team.  the kid is good but has problems.  he’s been coached to say and do the right things when visiting a prospective college on his approved ncaa visits.  oh, yeah, there’s guys and web sites out there that tell the kids just what to say and do.  especially if they are borderline cases and had some off the field issues in high school.  

or maybe it’s the schools just don’t care that much anymore.  they sign the kid knowing he’s a semi flake but he can play so they just cross their fingers and hope for the best.  it’s probably a bit of both.  crossing your fingers and giving a full ride scholarship to some flaky kid with a taste for felonies and bad juju is just as stupid as the kid is. 

yes, yes, we are a forgiving nation.  we should give the kid a break.  fine.  we should.  with that being said, it just seems that giving some kids a break never works out.  there just seem to be more of them screwing up big time when they have been given the keys to the kingdom.  given a college scholarship to play football and all they have to do is go to a few classes.  simple as that without messing up on a major basis by just following a few team rules and a few laws set down by society.  something more and more of them just can’t seem to handle.

why is that?  sure most of society has gone to hell in a handcart loaded with stupidity and avarice.  why shouldn’t college football mirror it’s big brother the nfl? 

ok. i left the train tracks a while back.  but i think you get the picture.  or at last i hope you do.  bottom line.  the ncaa is a bunch of morons running the last of the pure sports.  big time colleges are run by morons who only care about money.  big time college coaches and even the lesser ones only care about a kid if he can play.  why?  it’s money.  more wins more money.  if the kid can’t manage to deal with a shot at a better life, then to bad.  he’s gone.  just another piece of damaged youth left to his own stupid devices with society as his prey. 

perhaps the time has come to look more deeply into a young man’s character considering what’s at stake.  a full ride scholarship.  yeah, back to the money.  he is being offered something few kids ever see.  it’s a privilege not a right.  i’m not saying all the kids should be rhodes scholars.  all i’m saying is college football had better wake the hell up and take a good look around before i give up on it like i did the pro game.



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