photographic memory(?)

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i suppose, in the long run, this might only be of interest to just a few of my friends.  which is fine.  it isn’t a problem.  but if you like nice black and white photos of old stuff stick around.

the other day my friend, dfr, found a great place for old socalif photos.  he heard about it on a local pbs tv show.  he turned me on to it.  the place?  the los angeles public library’s on line web site.  some really good stuff if you are interested use the search feature.  at any rate, that’s where the photos that are here came from.  i’m very grateful to them as i think they are wonderful shots.

when i think of the dreaded inland empire.  i always think of it from the perspective of my youth.  the vistas in these pure simple black and white photos are of a time when socalif was still an open uncluttered place.  the dreaded inland empire the home of grapes, oranges, lemons, and cows.  well, other stuff too.  miles of walnut orchards, peaches and apricots.  along with some of the best sweet corn this side of iowa.  plus acres of potatoes and onions.  yeah, it was an atom heart mother place.  the place of my youth and once vivid youthful dreams.  i hope you enjoy the photos. 

the photo below was taken in guasti, ca back in the day.  you are looking north to the san gabriel mountains. 

the next photo was taken a bit further north but still in guasti, ca.  in this photo you can see the sand in where the grapes  grew.  the same sand the santa anas blew everywhere and the same sand that filled the walls of the homes in guasti.

the last photo was taken further north in cucamonga, ca.  you are looking south in this photo.  just to the north and behind you are the oranges and lemon groves.




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