photographic memory(?) part 2

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continuing in the vein of yesterday’s old b/w photos here’s a few more for today.  i brought a tear to the eye of my old friend, dfr, with the grape vistas in part one.  not an easy thing to do i assure you.  though the stark lovely peaceful bucolic coyote laden days and nights of those old days still live forever in the hearts of those of us fortunate enough to have lived there in those times.  lived in the dreaded inland empire when it just might have been one of the best spots on the planet.

yes, of course i’ll get some what abouts about that but be that as it may.  it am what it was.  pretty damn special.

yesterday was for grapes.  today is for oranges and lemons.  the vistas remain the same.  lovely.  time hasn’t changed them much except for the addition of way too many people.  the san gabriels still stand over the valley watching and waiting.

the photo below is a lemon or orange grove.  take your pick.  it looks to be on the eastern edge of upland, ca or the western edge of claremont, ca.   the san gabriels as always.  note the citrus isn’t growing in the sand that the grapes grew in but the alluvial rocks brought down from the mountains by the rain and creeks in the area for millenniums. 

the next photo is of an old ornage grove that sat above 19th street in upland for longer than a great number of others did.   i remember when it finally fell to progress not that many years ago.  flanked by euclid ave back when it wasn’t paved.  those days were even before mine.

upland, ca, 1906, looking north on 2nd ave.  the san gabriels once again.   note the horse crap in the street.  upland was famous for it’s lemons and oranges.

the last photo is of ontario, ca in 1885.  or i think that’s the year.  probably close enough.  you are looking north from the south end of downtown ontario.  north to the ever present san gabriels.   the street, euclid ave, is still there.  though it’s paved now and the trees or some of them are different.  just another grand vista that lost out to time.  ontario, ca the city of my youth.




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