the 4 hour plus erection dilemma

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i’ve been hearing that on tv a lot these days.  mostly while watching golf.  as the tour events are sponsored in part by cialis or levitra or viagra or take your pick.  at any rate, from their lips to god’s ears.  these days i should be so lucky to have an erection that lasts longer or even as long as 4 hours.  ma cristo, let alone long enough to get the job done.

i would be like woo hoo!!  yeah!!!  rock and roll!! it’s party time!!!  although the doctor or the guy who plays one on tv says i should seek medical attention if i have a boner for more than 4 hours.  party poopper.  what’s up with that?  

it’s been a number of years but i do remember back in the day of raging testosterone and raging hard-ons over nothing other than my fevered imagination and some high school or junior high school, well, hell before that even, girl’s neck or hair or calf or thigh who happened to be sitting in front of me or next to me at school or maybe in the adjacent county someplace thinking about boys and i picked up the vibe.  or maybe just a wisp of a scent in the air.  lilac or lavender.  yes, of course, one of the long ago scents of a woman.  

was i supposed to have gone and seen the school nurse about my 4 hour plus flagpole?  maybe i should have.  maybe that explains some stuff now.  hell, i don’t know.  now i’m just really confused.  but that’s nothing new.  though in hind sight the line of young men outside the school nurse’s door would probably have wrapped around the building at least several times.

maybe that’s why no one said anything back then.  maybe it was like…we can’t have the school nurse being overwhelmed with raging 4 hour plus teenage boy boners.  the boys will have to just deal with them on their own and just keep pulling their shirt out of their pants and/or holding their notebooks and books in front of their bulging zippers.  no one will notice.  yes, sure, in the long run it will cause massive brain damage but they are just boys and they will grow into stupid old men if they are lucky or unlucky as the case may be.  plus we have more important stuff to deal with other than some teenage boys rampant lust and subsequent brain damage.

i guess now that some of us who lived through those ‘boner dark ages’ are now powerful enough to get the word out.  regardless.  that could explain why most schools here in california no longer have a school nurse on the property.  no more over worked nurse dealing with 4 hour plus hard as a diamond hard-ons.  no sirree, we can’t have any of that.  why, why, after all some of the nurses might even enjoy it!!  god, the horror!!  pun intended.

yeah, i wish.  sigh.  a 4 hour plus boner.  ah, those were the days.

the photo below confirms that school nurses were in constant contact with the surgeon general of the united states back in the late 50’s and the entire 60’s concerning the flagpole issue of teenage boys  and the massive brain damage caused by 4  hour plus boners.  



3 thoughts on “the 4 hour plus erection dilemma

    Mark Wiley said:
    April 7, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    I have a 4+ hour boner right now – mark

    johnhauge responded:
    April 8, 2008 at 12:55 am

    lol. that figures. dude, you one lucky guy. thanks, man.

    Old Fart said:
    May 28, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Shit, at my age if I had a four MINUTE erection (much less a four HOUR one) I’d feel like I was sixteen again.

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