little johnny scissor hands

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my friend, melanie, did a poem yesterday about ian anderson coming over to her house and making a mess while he cut some stuff up with left-handed scissors.  then the comments went off into ambidextrous scissors and stuff along with my jethro tull musings. fine.

the whole deal brought back nasty memories for me.  not jethro tull and ian, i have fond memories of them.  especially the 5 little girls with bad intent sitting on a park bench.  but that’s a drift for another time. 

no, it’s cutting stuff up with scissors and being ambidextrous that has me off and back into a bad childhood deal which turned out alright but none the less it still festers now and again. 

i’m ambidextrous.  i write left handed, shoot pool left handed, i can play tennis with either hand but usually left handed, shoot a gun left handed, eat left handed.  some tools with either hand.  everything else right handed.  one would think that being ambidextrous would be a good thing.  it turns out it isn’t.  my brain is cross wired and short circuits at times.  it’s the reason for my dyslexia and probably every other ambidextrous person’s dyslexia.  i ain’t complaining.  I’ve dealt with it.  even to this day it’s still pretty bad at times.

any ways the comment about left handed scissors brought back a sad and scary memory of my youth.  i was in the second grade and i was having trouble cutting stuff with scissors.  oh, i could cut the shit but it wasn’t straight.  not even close.  to this day when given a pair of scissors and i cut something it ain’t straight.  it’s closer than it was back then but not much.   the point being, my second grade teacher, who i still hate to this day, wanted to flunk me because i couldn’t use scissors properly.  i think the only thing that saved me was i could read pretty well so i was given a pass.  lucky me.

of course, this was back in the dark ages.  though i wonder if we are still there in many respects.  yes, we have progressed with lots of stuff but probably not enough to make any real difference in any ones dyslexic, autistic, or downs syndrome life.  or any other life that isn’t quite right.  i might be wrong but i don’t think i’m too far off. 

in many ways i guess we have gone down the road a bit but we still have miles to travel before our journey is complete.  in these pc times i suppose no kid gets left behind.  but how many kids are getting left behind today because of something or another?  are they getting what they need?  i never did.  but at this stage of my life it really doesn’t matter to me any more.  but it does matter to the young ones. 

i suppose in lots of ways my dyslexia has caused a boat load of my problems.  i ain’t complaining.  i’ve made it this far and at times it hasn’t been easy.  army basic training and trying to learn the bayonet drill with my cross wired brain from a right handed person.  what a nightmare.  

for what it’s worth, mickey mantle, was ambidextrous and much more dyslexic than i am.  or that’s what i’ve read.  some folks manage better than others.  though some of us have the same disease.  regardless.



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