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i got off into this topic in an email to my friend, dfr, yesterday.  the olympics.  the olympics in china this august to be exact.  things are not boding well at this early juncture.  things they have started seem to have every ‘activist’ on the planet in a frenzy.

ok.  sure they have done a nasty deed with tibet and the dalhi lama.  granted.  it isn’t anywheres near kosher.  yeah, not by a long shot.  that being said.  the chinese are still in a cold war mode.  sure they have loosened up a vast amount of stuff since the fucking days of the chairman.  ooofa.  i can go there with what i have lived with for a good number of years now but that ain’t why i’m here.  nope. 

we be talkin’ old limp dicks here.  sigh.  so ok.  the old limp dicks be of the ncaa and lots of other olden type stuff athlete wise.  it’s old douche bags running shit.  capice?  the drift here is major and i may not make it. 

in an attempt to rein it in, the chinese are no different than the russians with hungry and the czech republic.  yeah.  it’s the old buffer zone deal.  like it or not it does have political ‘stuff’ and a point.  sure folks get fucked.  given.  but that’s where it’s coming from.  it doesn’t make it right but that am what the fuck be.  deal with it.

example cuber and bad back jack.  ain’t gonna be no buffer zone for the ruskies anywheres near the u s of a.  nope.  the missiles of october.  actually not a true buffer zone but old nicky baby got our missiles out of turkey which was our buffer zone with him and the kremlin.  of course there’s other issues as well there.  but there’s always other issues here on this earth now and thousands of years ago as well.  it ain’t fucking changed, asshole.  be it good or bad.  it am what it am.  capice?  i don’t think so.

buffer zone.  tibet.  india.  simple easy.  communists.  no religion.  christen or otherwise.  capice?  catholics take it in the shorts in mainland china all the time.  baptists would too if they even have the balls to try and would prolly get even more crap.  tibet.  the dahli lama or indja and the swami vishnu.  religion am religion regardless.  see? i wonder.  tibet is an old cold war world buffer zone with india.  pure and simple.  religion be damned.  the chinese hate the indos.  and vice versa.  get the fuck over it.  you only make things worse.  the chinese don’t care.  as well they shouldn’t.  you can’t even understand that.    

of course folks take it up the ass without lube.  very large weenies to be sure.  in that or this regard.  buffer zones.  the trip wire of nations. yes, even in these days of the micro chip and what it’s meant buffer zones are still what they are. 

yeah, let’s be hippy dippy and do away with nations.  hahaha.  you smokin’ crack or what?  not happening any time soon or in the next bazillion years.  power am what it am and the plain folks ain’t got nothing to do with power.  no matter what the current political tools have to say about it.  do you understand?  i think not.  ok.  so major avalanche of drifts abound here.  none the less relevant.  search and learn.  yeah, right.  

a point you say?  fine.  the old limp dicks and the touring torch in san fransico today should be a wash out.  just put the damn torch back on the plane and send it to it’s next stop.  the next stop should do the same.  until it hits china and then they can do whatever they want.  i don’t care.

boycotting the chinese old limp dicks in any form is a waste of time.  the only thing it does is fuck over the kids who have given their lives over to the bleeding old limp dicks and their medals or what the fuck ever.  sadly politics rears it’s ugly head every now and again in the old limp dicks.  perhaps we should have boycotted the 1939 berlin old limp dicks.  sure damn straights.  however, then a black man would not have been able to rub his abilities into the face of der adolf and company. 

i am so all over everywhere here.  bottom line.  what we think or do has nothing to do with what the chinese think or do about anything.  do you fucking understand this?  prolly not.  they do what they want.  and some day down the road and it ain’t that far down the road they are gonna run this place and or planet.  understand?  no matter what you fucking think or do short of bombing them back into the the pre-historic era with no notice.  capice?  and that ain’t happening. 

there are 2 billion plus of the fuckers.  1.5 billion plus haven’t a clue to any goddamn thing.  do you understand this?  i don’t fucking think so.  none of them has a firearm to their name.  zip. zilch.  nada.  capice?   you can raise all the shit you want but until the 1.5 billion and the rest of em start packing ain’t nothing gonna happen.  the deal is done.  communist capitalism at it’s worst.  there goes the next chinese visa.  whatever. 

the people living in beijing, shanghai, xian, guilin, mongolia, dahli, and everywhere else in china are hooked up to the money deal these days.  the world has come full circle.  money is the drug of choice these days.  even the old commies of russia and china have come around.  oh, they have always been there but now some of the regular folks get their beak wet, as the chinese say.  or the italian mob used to say. 

let’s just let the men and women play their sport in beijing.  let’s just forget politics for a minute or two.  those women and men have given up their lives for this once every 4 year event.  we should all be so stupid or lucky to be in their shoes.  that ain’t the point.  just let it roll and happen.  just let it roll and happen hopefully sans steroids.  politics plods on whether you enjoy it, like it, or hate it.  jesus.



2 thoughts on “torched off

    Mark Wiley said:
    April 9, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    You nailed it- Money is the drug of choice.
    For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. (I Tim 6:10)
    “No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.”
    (Luke 16:13) – MW

    johnhauge responded:
    April 9, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    thanks, mark. it’s what it all boils down to.

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