memories of el monte

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yeah, memories of augusta.  oh, what?  it doesn’t jibe?  teen queen doo wop and the augusta?  i guess.  stick around it just might.  but prolly not. 

el monte legion stadium or whatever.  50’s early 60’s doo wop.  some of the finest live music happening anywhere on the planet.  at the time.  king doo wop.  my goodness.  augusta georgia the masters same old same old.  there are shrines and then there’s a shrine.

golf.  augusta and the masters.  doo wop?  el monte legion stadium.  simple and pure.  sadly, el monte legion stadium is gone.  ok.  i’m pretty sure it is but if it ain’t you don’t want to be anywhere near the place these days if it is still a happening joint.  trust me.  the same might pertain to augusta as well.

el monte legion stadium and doo wop.  a socal kingdom in it’s own right.  augusta, ga and golf a kingdom in it’s own right.

sadly the el monte place is dead and gone and the latter day saints of the place just roam the streets of socal with their radios blaring just god awful shit and at un-godly levels of noise and stupidity.

tiger woods was stupid today at augusta as well.  all though at a much more quiet level.  yeah, he even toned down his goddamns and stuff after a bad shot.  i think that might be his problem.  yeah, he’s profane.  i think he’s always been that way but the fucking pc world of fucking today won’t tolerate that kinda fucking stit.  sadly. 

yeah, i think that was his problem this week at augusta.  he wasn’t allowed to be himself.  he wasn’t allowed to be the golfer he grew up being.  no untoward outbursts.  no goddamns.  no fucks.  no fucking nothing.  sigh. 

the pantie in a knot fuck wads have won.  the augusta national elite dicks won.  sadly.  no swearing by tiger or any other goffer allowed.  what the mother fucking deal is up with that shit?  fuck that.

the augusta national elite fucks have always been an uptight lot.  they’ve been around for eons.  it’s after all one of the majors.  tiger has won 4 at his young age.  he may never win another.  golf has gone pc.  no more swearing.  no more lip reading dumb fucks on the tv.  no more.  no no no no.  we can’t have it.  jesus fucking chrysler.  god love him, tommy bolt, is turning in his grave.      

fuck that.  yeah, tiger just couldn’t pull it out today.  the young kids fell out of it sans one.  but if tiger could have played his game he grew up with including just ripping off a fucking goddamn shit fucking load of un pc expletives he would have won.

ok.  you don’t believe me and that’s fine.  the goff fuck wads laid it out.  no more goddamns or what the fuck ever after a bad shot.  we the elite of golf are on tv and god fucking forbid kids learn how to fucking cuss and shit.  jesus, let’s all just be pc pussies here.  fucking ass wipe pga and augusta national in particular.  they have thrown the game of goff off.  tiger in particular.  the others as well. 

we all have ways of dealing with bad shit.  we have been dealing with bad shit forever.  we have been dealing with bad shit in what the fuck ever way forever as well.  if it means saying goddamn or fuck or suck my ass clean or what the fuck ever.  doesn’t matter.  it’s how we fucking deal with a bad shot or break.

being told by the gods of goff not to say these things we have or tiger or any of the other goffers have been saying since they were a kid is just fucking goddamn ridicules.  oh, yeah, all of a sudden augusta national is all about the kids and goff.  goff is all about the kids and goff.  goff is fucking with goff.  fucking pc shit is everywhere and it just makes me want to take the .357 out of the fucking closet and jam a round into my fucking head.  trust me. i’m fucking serious. 

let’s just fucking ruin everything.  let’s make a pro goffer who has the language of a fucking pirate, out on the course, change his whole fucking goddamn game just because goff is worried no one watches or plays anymore.  fuck that and the goff elites.  the augusta national pantie in a knot dick wads in particular. 

more on this later.  i’m fucking livid.





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