cell phone hell

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yeah,  that pretty much covers it.  virgin mobile sucks big time.  i’d had the damn service for well over a year.  things started out ok but then most things do.  it’s the long haul that kills deals. 

i really don’t need a cell phone.  other than while  out on the road.  you need one now a days with all the dumb ass crazies and what not out there.  emergencies.  or whatever. 

i’d used my phone a few times.  not that much.  maybe 2 or 3 times a month.  very little but the minutes never seemed to roll over like i was told and mysterious $10 calls showed up.  yeah.  so i questioned them and was told by this very nice guy that i was getting stung by a text message scam.  virgin mobile had nothing to do with it.  yeah, dumb fuck me.

ok.  so i ditched the text msg deal on the phone. i never used it anyhow.  the dude tells me things am cool now.  ah huh, an i gots me a nice bridge to sell you. 

of course things aren’t anywhere near cool.  nothing is getting rolled over and my balance is still shrinking.  i’m like, say what the fuck? 

g/f has virgin mobile.  she has none of the problems i’m having.  none.  zip.  zilch.  nada.  what gives? 

i called them yesterday and after way too long on hold and way too much listening to just shitty crappy music i finally get a real person.  american.  not indo or some other offshore place.  well, alright things are looking up.  maybe they were but if they were i couldn’t tell.  the drifts get higher.

why yes, you have this and no you don’t have that.  and i’m like what?  ah, i thought i had this cleared up last time i called you tools 4 months ago.  the guy assured me shit was straightened out.

no, sir.  you have been billed for $10 phone calls you authorized.  say what asshole?  come again.  yes, the $10 phone calls were not virgin mobile but from someplace else.  i don’t answer the phone lessen i know who it is or if i do answer i hang up soonest if it ain’t someone i know.  bottom line is the phone is off most of the time.  so how the hell can i get billed for $10 phone calls?  well, sir, we have no way of knowing what you signed up for in other places.  look.  i haven’t signed up for shit anywhere.  well, that’s what you say.  what!?!?!?! 

while that sad exchange is going on the broad was also dealing with my platinum visa.  a rock solid account with a major bank.  a bank i had just gotten off the phone with a bit earlier.  i’d been checking stuff.  ah, sir.  this account is no good.  the verification number on the back of the card you gave me isn’t working.  i’ve tried 3 times.

yeah, my head is about to explode.  look.  the fucking card is ok.  crap.  this blows.  i’m canceling my account with you folks.  that’s fine let me connect you with someone else to help you.

oh my fucking god.  more time on hold to experience  even more rancid crappy fucking popular music.  are our young just so fucking out if it?  i’m guessing so.

finally a stupidvisor comes on the line.  i deal it out.  the whole sad history.  it’s the same shit.  we don’t know what you have signed up for and those $10 calls are not virgin mobile.  ok. look for the last time i have not signed up for anything.  i think you folks are a rip off.  well, we don’t know what you have signed up for and we aren’t responsible.  plus your card isn’t working.  my fucking card is fine.  i’ve had the goddamn thing for almost 20 years.  i just spoke to them not long ago and the card is way the fuck ok. 

so then i get, if you increase your monthly payment amount you won’t be having these problems.  say what?  yes, if you increase your basic stuff the…whoa.  stop.  i’m not increasing anything because you folks don’t seem to be able to get anything right.  sir, i don’t have to listen to any of this.  ok.  ok.  fine.  cancel my account.  NOW!!!!!!!!!!  i don’t give a good goddamn what you want other than you cancel my account RIGHT NOW!!!!!!  you people are fucking crooks.  rip off artists.  sir, i…yeah, fine whatever.  is the account canceled?  yes…i hung up.  ooofffa.

just amazing what business assholes try and get away with or actually do get away with.  guess it’s like the g/f says…all business people are crooks.  a bit of a stretch but ya know i’m coming around to her chinese way of thinking.  a paranoid’s heaven.  well, for another time.

i signed up for another service today.  i need a phone out on the road while i’m dealing with parents who live at least 40 miles away.  i hope it works.  i hope i don’t get fucked.  i probably will at some point.  it’s a 2 year contract.  shit.



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