desert island music re-visited or new and improved?

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this started out to be a whole mind numbing run down of a old lp i came across a few weeks ago.  stuff i hadn’t heard in a very long time.  yeah, like 30 plus years.  the problem being someone did a short blog on this band last week with a youtube video stuck in it for good measure.  my mind numbing thunder had been stolen.  so here i am trying to deal with it.

i’ve looked over the 10 lp’s/cd’s and there really isn’t anything i’d change.  i could stick some other stuff in there but then i’d be missing the original stuff.  you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.

so maybe an alternate 10 cd desert island music list is needed just in case of some sort of musical emergency or just because i still need to yammer about this one old lp in particular.  the other parameters still stand from the original.  i won’t repeat them here because i do that enough as it is and if you really care you can read the original.    

1. the byrds — ‘sweetheart of the rodeo’.  just an amazing piece of country music with some of the best peddle steel guitar you are gonna hear this side of hilo hattie and her old b/w tv show from hilo, hawaii in the 50’s.  or perhaps spade cooley and his band on local l.a. tv every weekend back in those same b/w 50’s as well.  even if you aren’t a fan of country music this will make you a fan or there’s sumpin’ wrong someplace.

2. tower of power — ‘east bay grease’.  that’s the one i’ve been obsessing on for the past few weeks.  well, actually it’s a greatest hits cd by the band.  so i suppose you could interchange either one.  however, ‘east bay grease’ was my introduction to them.  i’m really not sure just how far east they went from their oakland, ca roots.  hence, east bay grease not to be confused with whatever was going on over in the city or frisco as us un-enlightened ones loved calling san francisco just to piss them off.  drifting.  if you have never heard tower of power you are missing some of the best soul, r and b, and funk to ever be laid out on vinyl. hands down.  just another horn band laying down some good stuff.  not chicago, or blood, sweat and tears, or cold blood.  nope.  tower of power.  tight ass horn riffs with a bass line along with drums to make any band jealous.  ‘you got to funkifize’, ‘you’re still a young man’, ‘soul vaccination’, and the truly hip ‘what is hip’.  try it you’ll like it.

3. peter green’s fleetwood mac — ‘live at the marquee’.  yes, the original and still the best fleetwwod mac.  just crunched out down home blues.

4. fleetwood mac — ‘men of the world’. a newer lovely 2 cd package of some more old fleetwood mac from the old days. the original ‘black magic woman’ and ‘oh well’ make it worth your while.

5. frank sinatra — ‘live at the sands’.  a great lp with old blue eyes belting em out backed by the count basie band.  sweet.  it doesn’t get much better.

6. the rolling stones — ‘beggars banquet’. some great stuff including the greatest sing a long line ever from ‘sympathy for the devil’.

7. the rolling stones — ‘now’. ‘pain in my heart’ and ‘little red rooster’

8. the rolling stones — ‘out of our heads’.  ‘under assistant west coast promotion man’. along with ‘satisfaction’.

9. the rolling stones — ‘aftermath’.  ‘think’ and the countrified tunes ‘flight 505 ‘ and ‘high and dry’.  along with the 11 minute masturbatory grand finale ‘going home’.

10. cream — ‘fresh cream’.  their first lp. 

there ya go.  my alternate desert island lp’s. of course no top 10 worth it’s salt could be with out a runner-up.  this list is no exception.  my runner-up would be a double cd of stevie ray vaughan & double trouble’s ‘greatest hits’.  actually it just might be interchangeable with ‘fresh cream’ depending on the mood and the moment.



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