turgid prose(?)

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i’ve let this one sit and fester for a few days in the place where i let stuff sit and fester.  i have nothing else of any interest to yammer about today so i figure i might just as well send this one along it’s merry way down the blogging road.

i should probably be doing another music blog but yeah, well. i’m being side sliced or sidetracked as the case may be.  you gonna has to figure that one out on your own.  i’m tired.  in lots of ways.  like it matters.  i’ve spaced out on just what the fuck why i was here to begin with.  i think it was movies and their just total disregard for anything that resembles reality.

i find it hard to watch movies anymore.  pretty much any damn movie.  new ones to be damn sure.  i could just give a good flyin’ fuck about them.  new ones meaning anything at all that’s come out in the last 15 years or so.  capice?

of course, there was lots of crap before that too.  tons of it.  i’m actually surprised no one has contacted me to clean the movie shit up.  bag it.  and toss it in the freaking dumpster.

music too.  hey, we need you to come out and clean this crappy music up.  we can’t seem to get a handle on it.  it’s overwhelming us. 

earlier today i mentioned, in mr lowell’s blog, i had never seen forrest gump.  tis true.  what can i say?  other than hollyweird is just that, weird. i’ve given up on movies and music of the popular kind or the out and about kind or anything at all kind.   

it never used to be that way.  growing up movies ruled.  sorta like music did.  they both died.  neither rule anymore.  they both just suck ass these days.  ass of the really stinky kind. 

yeah, i imagine there’s stuff out there that you will and or can say is ok.  fine.  i could care less.  i might watch or listen to it some day just as a lark or just out of stumbling on to the damn thing.  don’t matter.  i probably ain’t gonna like it.  new movies or new music are like, no thanks, i’ll pass.  i don’t care. 

about all that’s left is sports.  sports and sports.  sadly that venue is fading fast as well.  major league baseball is a train wreck of major league proportions.  the nfl?  no thanks.  i could care less.  college football?  i love it but i see the day just over the horizon where i won’t love it anymore.  golf?  god’s game.  they fuck it up more and more every day.

see?  no, probably not.  the ennui and just inanity of it all makes me want to just end it.  yeah, i’ve joined that club.  i may or i may not.  shit just isn’t fun anymore. 





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