the coming turf wars

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there’s turf wars then there’s turf wars. i sorta got on to this subject yesterday morning in mr. lowell’s latest non-blog.  it was a lovely picture of himself taken a number of years ago at his junior prom.  he was also the evenings entertainment.  he sang like an angel.  but that ain’t why i’m here.

there’s all sorts of turf wars from the international arena down to the avian feathered folk flying about eating each others young and stuff.  with various stops in between with varying degrees of war involved.  no, i’m not here for any of that either.

you know the economy is bad when the talking heads gleefully tell you so every chance they get.  well, i don’t need any bubbled headed bleached blond to tell me which way the wind blows.  no sirree.  i can see and hear it for myself every day here in the land that was once california. 

there’s been a semi sort of cottage industry here for a number of years.  dumpster diving for re-cyclable stuff or with a crv.  i think some folks have been doing a land office bidness in that regard for a long time.

there’s a fellow around these parts that’s been collecting stuff out of the gang dumpsters for years.  i guess he does ok.  he has a pick-up and all and he’s his own boss plus he gets paid in cash.  what could be better?  sure he has to climb inside the damn things every once in a while but every job has it’s nasty ass days.  you and i both know that.

now a days he has competition.  competition for what used to be his more or less all alone.  not these days of the slumping sleeping sluggish economy.  you see, i’ve noticed more and more folks out gleaning stuff out of the dumpsters.  it seems to be the sole burgeoning industry in the loudly lagging laissez faire economy.    

there’s even a guy that comes around on the weekends.  he’s going through the stuff on sunday morning well before the sun is up.  he must have night vision goggles or something.  thankfully, he’s sorta quiet about it.  i mean how long can this go on?  what was once an apparently decent paying job for one or maybe two folks has now gone bull market with folks like ants crawling all over the dumpsters grabbing anything with any value they can find. 

they are getting bolder as well.  not just the early sunday morning skulker but now they even stand around the closed gates and wait for some one to open it so they can go in and scour spots they never ventured into before.

our gate died a few years ago.  which is actually fine with me.  at least now the dumb fuckers don’t sit there with the radios blaring while they try and figure out how to call their dumb ass friends on the gate phone.  oh, those were fun days.  trust me.  but that’s a drift and i wrote about that solution this past winter.

how long is it going to take before there is a bloody sort of turf war reminiscent of the old mob wars of nyc back in the late 50’s?  a seething mass of folks running rampant through the condos, apartments, townhouses, houses, left and right wing bidness owners digs as well.  a seething mass of folks fighting over that last beer can or plastic water bottle.

god, it just might get ugly.  truly venal.  something that just might make the watts deal in 1965 and the rodney king deal in 92, or whenever, look like miss marple is having a tea party.  all of socal a free fire zone.  soon spreading up into the central valley.  then the northern reaches of the late great state of chaos, california.

it might take some time but i’m pretty sure it will make it to your town.  eventually.  at first just the odd roving band of seemingly pleasant trash gleaners.  just the tip of the titanic’s tempestuous iceberg.  remember you were warned.  the media in all likely hood is gonna keep this deal under wraps and way the hell under the radar.  bet your last six pack of empties on it.



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