cruising the mexican riviera

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ok.  here’s the details.  well most of them any the ways.  some aren’t gonna get published.  yeah, well what can i say?  of course, there will be a few visual aids as well.  they kind of add a certain something to the whole sordid deal.  the visual aids have been googled from the net.

i don’t know how many of you have cruise shipped it before.  apparently many of you as they are pretty damn busy.  our ship was no different than the other two we have taken.  crowded and full.  that’s fine for the most part.  sorta.  but i skip ahead.

i guess i might run into some sort of cruise ship mob deal if this gets read by lots of folks.   fine.  whatever.  also the mexican government may not like a few things i might bring up as well.  ok.  fine.  it ain’t like i’m going back anytime soon or ever to mexico.

the boarding process is what it has always been in my experience.  stand in a line only to pass one point  then stand in another line.  not unlike the army.  a time consuming deal if there ever was one.  the earlier you get to the ship the better off you are.  sorta.

here’s a lovely photo of our ship or at least one that resembled ours.

the really sad thing about the whole trip was the agent who booked us was a clueless moron or some sort of ass hole.  or even perhaps both.  the g/f did the work in booking the deal and wanted another room but was talked into the one we ended up with.  we had great expectations.  a room with a nice view.  a room with a sorta french door.  a room with a view of a life raft.  yeah, that’s what we got.  a lovely view of a life raft.  oh, if you looked down you could see the ocean but as for any sort of view we had none other than the said life raft.

yeah, we got fucked.  i’ve been fucked a few times in the past so i got over it pretty soon or sorta something.  at least there was plenty of natural light and it wasn’t like we would have to spend the whole trip stuck in the cabin with no natural light or semi-convoluted view. 

shit happens.  it happens more than it should but what can i say?  other than buyer beware.  never trust anybody.  ok.  that might be extreme but worth the thought.  at any rate, i grew accustomed to the room and actually grew fond of it in an odd sad sorta way.  after all, it was my g/f’s 60th bday gift to me.  what’s a poor boy gonna do?  just go with the flow.

as a semi sorta drift our first cruise was our best.  we both had no trouble with anything on that cruise.  a 4 day deal out of long beach and over to catalina and then off to ensanada.  as for the next two, this one included, things went downhill.

ok.  so we finally get on board and into our room.  the shock of the life boat wears off and we begin to unpack and try to get wired into the next 7 days on board.  of course, there’s no soap in the bathroom.  oh, there’s sorta soap in the shower but i find it nasty and the the shampoo dispenser doesn’t work and never did the whole 7 days.  which is fine.  we bring our own shampoo.  shower soap as well.  you should too for various reasons.  however, a bar of soap at the sink should be a no brainer.  plus other stuff was amiss in the cabin.  a towel or two and other minor but important stuff you are paying very good money for.  

the head steward apologized and things were corrected.  his excuse was they were busy with the turn around.  the ship gets in on sunday morning at 7am and leaves again at 4pm for another 7 days with a different load of folks.  fine.  but it’s the same crew and they should know what they are doing.  oh yeah, we never saw the head room steward again.  no idea just what the fuck he was doing those 7 days.  interesting.  and of course he got his tip.  it’s added to your account.  whether you like it or not.

the first 2 and a half days were spent at sea.  very nice.  i love being out on the ocean.  nothing much better.  though on a crowded cruise ship there’s not many places one can go for any sort of solitude.  other than your room with the view of the life boat.  it did get a bit claustrophobic by the second day.  or maybe i should have just drank more.  i don’t know.  most of the people on board were going a bit stir crazy as well.  though it was warm and sunny and lots of time was spent out on deck just power walking about getting some exercise so we could eat more food.  plenty of good food on a cruise ship.  probably too much.

i may as well address the entertainment on board now.  it’s pretty good.  or very good if you like a vegas type show with music and dancing.  very good music and dancing by some very talented folks to be sure.  stellar stuff.  good entertainers backed by some very capable musicians.  tight, right on stuff.  carried out by professionals.  nothing more to be asked for.  good comics as well.  evenings well spent after dinner.

ok.  there ya go.  the first two days down the tube, as it were, spent eating, drinking, and relaxing.  2 days at sea.  some minor trouble with that but all in all not too shabby.  nothing but pacific ocean to the front, back, left, and right.  bloody sweet.  no land in sight. 

that’s pretty much it for the first few days.  next stop the mexican riviera.  puerto vallarta, mazatlan, and cabo san lucas, in that order.




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