cruising the mexican riviera part 3

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we arrived in mazatlan early the next morning.  i have to say the view of the city from the port was much nicer than that of puerto vallarta.  then again mazatlan is a smaller city.  the air quality was somewhat better than puerto vallarta as well.  perhaps due to the fact there were no mountains to hold the smog, dust, grit, and whatever else was in the air over the city.

our shore excursion for the day was to be ocean kayaking out on deer island.  not my idea but what can i say?  mazatlan means land of the deer or some such thing.  plus deer island is a protected place and not open to just anyone.  you have to be accompanied by some sort of certified guide or something.  probably whoever greased the right palm with the right amount of money.

in order to get out to deer island we had to take a small, well not that small, sorta vessel which was a two story number.  there were probably aroun 40 of us on the trip which was to be a five hour or so excursion.  the boat ride out to the island took about 40 minutes.

deer island, mazatlan.

the g/f gets sea sick.  she takes dramamine for the problem but for some reason this time around it was making her very sleepy.  so she stopped taking it.  she has these wristband things that put pressure in or on your pulse area.  they work.  or most of the time. 

the ride out to the island was very cool.  the tide was coming in and it made for an interesting trip in the small boat.  lots of typical ocean action.  the whole deal was making g/f sick.  she made no mention of this to me at the time.  me?  i was digging it.

the island itself is pretty much barren.  just a bit of scrub growing and the usual dried out stuff we see around here on the local foothills.  from the island you get a very nice view of the beaches and hotels of mazatlan.  we had the island to ourselves along with another small party that had come out on a catamaran.

another view of deer island.

for some reason or another neither of us wore our bathing suits.  we had taken them along for the trip but i guess we figured we weren’t going to get wet that day.  neither of us had been kayaking before.  we should have figured it out.  we got wet right from the get go when we were taken from the boat to the island by a small skiff.  debarking the skiff was in almost waste deep water.  my shorts stayed wet the whole day.

ok.  so we are hanging around for a bit enjoying the view and waiting for the rest of the people to be ferried to the island.  then they give us our kayak lesson.  there are to be 2 groups doing the kayak trip.  thankfully, we are in the first group.  kayaking is a sorta easy enough thing.  right?  yeah, right.

ocean kayaking.

after the lesson on shore we are given our kayak. board it and head out into the water.  there’s a tour guide guy in the lead and one playing trail dragger in the back.  plus a small outboard skiff along as well in case anyone was to get into any real trouble or needed water or something. 

things didn’t start out real well with g/f in the front flailing away at the water with a total disregard for what she had just been taught on the beach.  there is supposed to be a nice easy flow to the paddling.  she was impossible to follow and after some yelling i just gave up and tried not to capsize the damn thing. 

we paddled for a bit then we stopped for a short break.  i was already tired.  actually i was hoping we would turn around and head back.  oh. no.  we were only halfway there.  we ended up going to the south end of the island where the water was a bit rougher and there were waves and rocks and by that time i was cramping up.  both groin muscles were on fire.  the life vest was also digging into my throat making it sporta hard to breathe.  sweet.

it was also at this point where the g/f was getting  sea sick again.  no mention of this was made at the time as well.  we head back to the starting point.  i’m about ready to die.  g/f is still flailing at the water and not much help.  then of course she’s almost vomiting.  but i don’t know this.  i’m doing all the damn work and it’s killing me. 

i just want the whole nightmare to be over.  it seemed like we were just inching our way back to the beginning and the shore.  most of the folks had passed us and some had even made it back to shore and nirvana.  i was dieing.  by this time the only way i can paddle the damn thing that is anywhere near to being comfortable is to lie back like i’m in bed and paddle away.  the whole thing must have looked like laurel and hardy on a bad acid trip.

finally it was over.  we made it to shore.  we actually beat a couple of the others back.  the head guide was very impressed with my lie back and paddle style.  he said it looked really cool.  i told him it was the only way i could manage and i’d never do any kayaking again.  ever.  he seemed shocked by that.  whatever, dude.

we get back to the shade of the ‘camp’ and g/f then tells me about her sea sick time out on the boat coming over and then again out in the kayak.  i didn’t say anything.  i was worn out.  just happy to be alive.  too worn out to go on the nature hike on the island.  i just wanted shade, water, a bite to eat, and a chance to recover.

we spent several hours out on the island and my pants were still wet when it came time to board the skiff back out to the boat for the trip back to the port and our cruise ship.  my pants got soaked again getting back on the skiff.

for the trip back the water was a bit calmer than in the morning but still just about to rough for g/f.
she made it though by standing up in the bow and taking videos.  me?  once again in ocean heaven.

after the trip back we did a bit of shopping then headed back to the ship to get out of our still wet clothes, take a shower, and a short nap before dinner.  mexican customs was a snap.  i left the swiss army knife on the ship.  i wasn’t taking any chances.  we both sleep like babies that night.  way too tired to even dream.



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