my sunday feeling

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ok.  yeah, my sunday feeling.  a damn fine song by jethro tull back in the daze.  this is not a blog about jethro or the song.  far from it.  it’s just my sunday feeling about what the hell i’m writing about.  capice?  maybe.

i really had no intention of doing a blog today.  i was more or less content to just let the cruise ship deal play out.  yeah, there’s still another.  i plod on in that regard.

however, my friend, jwfh, turned me on to something this past week that is just too hard to pass up. especially if you love music.  more to the point, the music of frank sinatra and the shear genius of the man. 

sure, there’s mob issues that the family is now probably trying to do some damage control with and i could lay a few rounds of 155mm arty on their attempts but that ain’t why i’m here.  plus there’s his way of dealing with the little folks who were just trying to make a living and the family is trying to cope with that as well.  nope.  neither of which is why i’m here. 

i have a few musician friends or those that love music, as friends.  fine.  god bless us all.  i’m gonna drift here and i don’t want to do that.  things pull here and there.  things try to call to me but i can’t.  not today.   

i’ve always loved the music of frank sinatra.  always.  there’s the hard working ethic of the young italian american who’s mom probably pushed him into what he became.  just maybe the best singer, entertainer ever.  yeah ok, keith and mick, the glimmer twins.  though they have yet to do a sammy chan and jimmy van heusen tune.  yeah ok, maybe so.  i guess it’s just give them time.  uh, ha.  frank did a beatles tune or more precisely, a george harrison tune, and it was stellar. 

ok.  the damn point.  find ‘jazz improv’ magazine vol.8 no.1 spring 2008.  there are 3 wonderful articles or interviews with folks that worked with frank.  the voice.  or ‘the old man’ as he became  known to those that worked with him forever.

if you love music you must find and read this edition of the magazine.  you will learn things.  wonderful things.  stellar things.  things you need to know.  yeah, trust me.  just do it.  because you will come away with knowledge.  musical knowledge.  a good and wonderful thing.  one of life’s little treasures. 

then there’s other stuff in there as well.  gerald wilson.  oh, yeah.  if you don’t know this dude you had better find him.  there’s a nice interview with him as well. 

i stumbled across gerald back in the very early 80’s.  his lp ‘gerald wilson’s orchestra of the 80’s’.  wow.  i wish i still had that vinyl.  gerald is someone you need to know.  period.  composer, writer, arranger, leader, player.  detroit born.  not much else needs to be said.  the northern musical roots.  he ain’t motown or that sound but something that transcends time.  gerald and frank.  um, yeah, bring it.  

i’m still pretty much haunted by one of his tunes on the lp i mentioned.  gerald that be.  of course, there’s frank’s stuff as well but i’m talkin’ gerald here.  ya hear?  a song called ‘hello and goodbye’.  one of those seminal musical deals when your life has fallen apart and the song just sorta sings or dances or eases the raging pain in your sad dead pathetic heart.  capice?

yes, of course.  magik.  my first and only wife had just left me.  yeah, well.  yeah, there’s still those sad demented thoughts that linger.  not unlike sinatra and his early concept albums.  maybe it’s an italian thing.  i dunno.  or maybe it’s a frank and an eva thing.  deal is.  it still hurts.  deeply.  yeah, torches.  for another time.   

any the ways, if you love music.  you need to score a copy of this magazine and read it.  probably cover to cover but the frank stuff for sure and the gerald wilson stuff to be sure as well.  count on it.

thanks, jwfh, i owe you one.



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