cruising the mexican riviera part 4

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when we woke up the next morning we had already anchored in the bay of cabo san lucas.  there’s no pier to tie up to just like here in california at catalina island.  locally run tender boats take you from the ship to the shore and back.

cabo san lucas, mexico.

i really didn’t care much for cabo san lucas.  it’s just a tourista town and everything seems to be right on top of each other.  plus the air was foul.  i guess the place is sorta picturesque when you look at it from the bay but i didn’t care much for actually being there.

our shore excursion for the day was a lightweight one.  we’d had our fill of the over the top stuff.  the tour included a forty minute boat ride out to the point and back then several hours on a bus going to other spots on the peninsula.

the arch at cabo san lucas.

the arch at cabo is spectacular as you can see from the photos.  viewing it up close from the water is just amazing.  when the tide is out you can actually walk through it.  something we did not do or have time for.  the ship sailed again at 4pm in order to get back to long beach by 7am on sunday.

any the ways, if we could have just sat in the water and looked at the arch all day in the ever changing light i would have been a happy camper.

while on the boat ride we noticed kayakers heading out to see the arch.  i’m very glad we did our kayaking and almost dieing in mazatlan.  the water around the point in cabo looked to be a bit rough and way more trouble than than the water around deer island.  nothing near a placid lake.

after the boat ride we boarded a bus and went to a glassblowing shop.  pretty interesting but i’ve seen it done before and those guys were just doing rough stuff and not that artistic.  yeah, like i could do it.

from there we were taken across the bay by bus to a nice promontory point at a hotel and we were afforded a nice view of the harbor, arch, beaches, and foul air of cabo, plus a nice camera shot of the cruise ship.  there were also some nice waves down below with a few surfers out getting some rides.

then it was off to san jose.  no not the one in california but across from cabo and it’s sister city.  san jose is much smaller than cabo and actually a very nice place right on the sea of cortes.  nice surf at all the beaches we past by.

a typical beach in san jose.

in san jose we visited the town square and a very old catholic church built by the jesuits years ago.  also a cactus garden.  i enjoyed san jose very much.  if i were going to live down there that’s where it would be.  however, there’s one major thing that would prevent that from ever happening.

the growth of cabo san lucas has taken an extreme toll on the fresh water supply.  our tour guide told us that when he moved to cabo years ago there were 9 artesian wells that supplied water to both cabo and san jose.  now there is only one artesian well left.  the others have have gone dry. 

only 45% of cabo is supplied with water 24/7.  not a good number and if i remember correctly none of san jose gets water 24/7.  the rest of the folks get 500 liters of water each week or every other week.  they all have large black plastic cisterns on their roofs.  if they need water before the next delivery by the water company they can buy water at a hefty price from vendors who venture through the area.

the tour guide explained how they take a shower at his house.  a five gallon bucket is sorta filled up then they stand there and use a cup to dump water on themselves in order to soap up.  then they rinse off with the same cup.  the only time anyone gets a real shower is on the day when the cistern is filled up.  not my idea of fun in the sun.

of course all the hotels have water 24/7.  perhaps even in san jose.  that would be because they desalinate the ocean water.  they have enough leftover to sell to the many golf courses in the area.  more golf courses are being built as well. 

i love golf.  don’t get me wrong.  but there’s something wrong with a country or system where 45% of the population has running water all day and night and the rest of the folks have to bathe out of a 5 gallon bucket.  and use a pitcher of water to wash their hands like they are in some old black and white cowboy movie.

oh,yeah, julia roberts and all the other hollyweirdos vacation homes are in the 45% area.  some really nice homes.  guess it doesn’t bother their limousine liberal sensibilities when they are down there resting up from their very very hard lives.  when the locals, the mexicans, are living totally like third worlders.  well, the regular folks that is.  the mexican politicians live where julia lives.  it makes you wonder.  or at least it makes me wonder.  but then i guess shit really is the same everywhere.  the pols blow.  all of them.  all of the time.

when the ship pulled out that afternoon i was up on deck and got myself another fine view of the cabo arch.  it was just spectacular in the afternoon light.

did i visit sammy hagar’s joint?  no interest.  did i try his tequila?  no interest.  if i want to i can buy some here.  no interest.  as a matter of fact, the only tequila i drank on the trip was a couple of shots of some ok stuff in the back of the 4×4 on the ride home in puerto vallarta.  it was provided by the nice tour guide lady.  gratis.  any the ways, for what it’s worth, i’m a david lee roth kinda guy.

that evening and the next day were spent at sea steaming our way back to california and long beach.  the last day at sea was cloudy, cold, and very windy.  the outside decks were pretty much deserted as you could only stand to be outside for a very short time.

all in all the trip was very nice.  a few glitches along the way but still nice.  would i recommend it?  sure why not.  we love the cruise ship deal.  nothing like being out on open water with good food and drink
along with pleasant company.  try it.  you just might like it.  bon voyage.

we have a 7 day alaska cruise coming in july.  woo hoo.  stay tuned.



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