college football preview 2008 the trojans

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yes, i know it’s only may and sorta not even memorial day as yet but it’s never too early for college football.  nope.  what i thought i’d do was run through the usc schedule game by game and see just how i think it’s going to work out.  yes, of course, i reserve the right to change my mind once the real deal goes down in three months.  it’s just something to wile away the time which has been dragging and the dog days of summer to come.

8/30 at virginia.  this one should go well for the trojans.  a sorta no brainer but then it is the first game and it’s away.  virginia one of the east coast darlings.   what am i thinking?  a thumping.  usc wins.

9/13 vs. ohio st.  the college football pundits have been all over this one since the end of the last season and the bowl games.  national title implications and bcs championship all rolled into this one game.  it might just be so.  only thing is pete will have had 2 weeks to get ready and the buckeyes play here in l.a.  generally not a good thing for school to deal with on either count.  usc wins.

9/25  at oregon st.  another 2 weeks to get ready and if the trojans do happen to lose to ohio st the beavers are going to be in for it worse than usual.  though they do have a good team coming back this year and the game is up in oregon.  however, it might not be enough.  usc wins.

10/04  vs oregon.  the ducks are probably one of the few teams that just might give the trojans a run for their money this year.  ohio st as well.  only thing is the game is here.  and the ducks are lucky it’s a night game and things will be cooler.  usual readers know the ducks are my other favorite college team.  what does it all mean?  yeah, just what?  well, i’m still thinking and i’m thinking the ducks are going to have a problem.  usc wins.

10/11  vs arizona st.  the sun devils are set to field another good team this year.  though they aren’t the ducks or the trojans and maybe not the beavers as well.  usc wins.

10/18  at washington st.  washington st is capable of all the cliches.  can they beat usc?  maybe but not this year.  usc wins.

10/25  at arizona.  as yet no announced game time.  if i were the wildcats i’d go for a nooner.  no, that’s not what i’m talking about.  a noon game.  sure why not?  alls fair in love, war and college football.  though it won’t help much in this case. usc wins.

11/01  vs washington.  to bad ty and the huskies come into town in november.  the trojans don’t lose in november or very very seldom.  it’s ty’s year to put up or trouble comes knocking.  however, i think he will put it up.  though not enough for this game.  usc wins.

11/08  vs california.  the bears will either be totally out of the race by this game or right in the thick of things.  their only problem is tedford can’t keep them focused.  usc wins.

11/15  at stanford.  yes, the lelands.  ah, no.  the cardinals beat troy last year in a stunner of sorts.  they are capable of doing it again this year but they are going to need the band’s help once again like long ago if they expect to win.  pete is no doubt ready for that action.  usc wins.

11/29  vs notre dame.  the hapless irish stumble into town either looking good or maybe just as bad as last year.  only time will tell.  charlie has much to prove and improve upon since last season. regardless.  usc isn’t duke football.  usc wins.

12/06  at ucla.  this one looked really good on paper back when the bruins hired former trojan offensive coordinator, norm chow.  only problem is spring practice blew out both the bruins starting quarterbacks.  not a good thing.  though one might be back by this time but it’s hard to say.  norm has worked college qb magic in the past.  can he do it again in time to knock the trojans out of the bsc championship game?  no.  usc wins.

yep, i’ve got the trojans to run the table.  they may not but they have the ability to certainly go for it.  the talent as well.  ohio st, oregon, and maybe oregon st are the known stumbling blocks to stardom and the crystal football at the end of the road. 

this was fun and i think i’ll do the ducks tomorrow.  are you ready for some college football?  yeah, way over ready. 



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