dead soldier weekend another phase

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i had intended posting this one yesterday.  i got sidetracked with the other one.  so here it is  for today.  the double barreled memorial day weekend ramblings of an old soldier.  i’m not sure what it all means but here it is.

yeah, that’s what it is.  i generally do a dead soldier weekend blog every year.  ok.  dead soldier weekend for those that are new and them that forgot.  it’s what the g/f called memorial day weekend one weekend long ago.  dead soldier weekend.  not much else to say.  it is what it is.  dead soldier weekend.

i remember a dead soldier weekend from long ago.  my favorite uncle was in the hospital that weekend.  a hemorrhoid operation.  i went to see him.  it had been a pretty emotional weekend as the vietnam wall  had been unveiled during it.  i was sorta numb.  i wandered into the room and he asked me what i’d been doing.  he knew. 

he knew i’d been feeling sorry for myself and all the dead from nam and from all the wars since the civil war.  where this weekend comes from.  no one remembers that.  the civil war.  lots of reasons for it and not just the one that jumps up and hits you in the face either.  drifting.  politically incorrect drifting as well.

my uncle was just a simple working italian man in the vino biz.  a cooper.  he made barrels.  wine barrels.  but he was sharp.  and as a drift, a damn fine amateur golfer.  plus sharp as a tack.  it wasn’t the first time he’d surprised me with something he’d gleaned from my demeanor.  many in a long line.

i’m drifting and i can’t stop.  it was an easter sunday lunch at his house.  easter was one of my mom’s sister’s jobs.  any the ways,  i’d gotten laid the night before.  actually my first piece.  oh, there had been lots of furtive steamy nasty dirty sex previous to it but it had been my first actual time for that simple wonderful act. 

well, i wandered into their home with my parents and he picked up on something or another and announced to the world that i had gotten laid the night before.  just how in the world he’d figured that i’ll never know.  an amazing feat to be sure.  but then we had or always had a nice comfortable relationship.  i still miss him.  a relationship better than the one i had or have with my own folks.  but that ain’t why i’m here.

dead soldier weekend.  lots of folks talk nice about soldiers these days.  much nicer than when i was one.  yeah, well, such is life and life ain’t perfect.  right, jwfh?  nice talk about soldiers is cheap.  pretty much everyone does it.

though when push comes to shove the deal comes down to your wallet.  the men and women that are off doing what you don’t want to do or don’t think needs to be done are, well, having troubles.  as they always have.  probably lots of them.  trouble from post traumatic stress to just having problems feeding a family on military pay.  or a lot worse. 

i know times are tough.  i noticed today gas has hit the $4 plus mark for regular here in socal.  folks are losing homes and jobs.  i’m just saying maybe think about the men and women who have given some of their life and or limbs and or minds for their country.  you may not like any of it or what they did.  what they did or where they were doesn’t matter.  this isn’t about lincoln, wilson, fdr, truman, ike, kennedy, lbj, nixon, etal.  or any other political deal for that matter.

those that serve are just doing what they think is right.  you may not.  you may not even like them and think they are stupid for doing what they do.  fine.  you are the lessor for it.  not them.  you may not like that sentiment as well but i really don’t care.  it am what it am.

a simple monetary gift to a veterans organization would be a very nice gesture from you this dead soldier weekend.  or any other time as well.  talk is cheap. 



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