fear and loathing on the de onta trail

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no.  i ain’t back.  yet.  a few weeks more at best.  ok.  maybe, ah, i don’t know.  yeah, well, the g/f and i have split up and i’m out in the wind.  it’s ok.  i’m ok.  the wheels turn.  life plods on.  we are still friends.  we just can’t live together.  period. 

i’m back in de onta i suppose until i die.  not actually de onta but ulo soon if things work out and i have any money left.  ulo the place of my place of my birth. fine.

i don’t have much time.  internet access wise.  pound it out.  no time.  more time coming.  hang with me.  i will be back soon.  i’m not abandoning the ship.  i will plod on.



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