living with britney spears(?)

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ok.  not really but i may as well be.  i have become a mobile home park denizen or more to the point, trailer trash.  indeed.  so how did this happen?

the ending of the relationship with the g/f was or had been on a collision course for a number of weeks.  i suppose it was inevitable from the get go but, whatever.  when the deal finally went down i was left with not many options, other than slim and none, as to just what the hell i was going to do.     

i spent several weeks in a hotel while the options got sorted out.  the sorting only took a day or so then it became a waiting game while escrow and the local utilities diddled around. 

early this past week i became trailer trash.  the proud owner of a home on wheels without the wheels.  thankfully, a brand new ‘unit’ no one had ever lived in.  one that with the sagging housing market had sat finished and empty for a number of months until i stumbled along and scooped it up at a bargain price. 

at any rate the park is pretty quiet and nicely maintained.  it’s a family park which is ok because i figure in the long grand scheme of things re-sale should be easier.  i haven’t even been here a week and i’m all ready thinking re-sale.  but then i’m delusional most of the time.

more like insane.  i mean it’s not been fun moving in the blast furnace of an early socal summer.  triple digit temps all week and they will be staying around till this coming monday.  my friend ruby asked me if i was having any fun.  ah, not yet.  unless fun is sweating and swearing bullets while you move shit around.  or try putting together new furniture that entered the home in a box.  doing that semi sorta work singled handed sucks.  trust me.  the only good thing is i now have a nice collection of extra screws and other assorted parts.  yeah, well, what can i say?  other than the stuff seems vaguely sturdy and should hold up over the long haul.  should being the operative word.

i’ve been bleeding cash like a hemophiliac.  my next visa bill will go a long way in staving off a further deepening of the recession.  the ex g/f tells me my stimulus check finally showed up.  a mere drop in the bucket of blood.  it’s all right, ma, i’m only bleeding.  thanks, bobby.

well, with any luck at all ruby the fun might start soon.  i’m hoping the sooner the better. 



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