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i went over the hill today.  no, not in the army sense of the term but i went over kellogg’s hill and back into the place where i’d been living for a number of years.  a couple of missions.  a drug script re-newel and chinese food.

i hadn’t cooked on the stove since i’d moved in here.  well, ok, i steamed stuff a few times but for the most part it had been frozen stuff or deli stuff.  i was jonesing for some chinese food.  more to the point, home-made chinese food.

i can cook the stuff.  a number of dishes.  i’m no, let’s get it on restaurant cook, but i can hold my own with enough main course stuff and lots of veggies.  good healthy stuff.  i packed the ice chest with some ice and with list in hand hit the road.

the mission went ok.  i should have gone to 99 market in rowland heights instead of the hong kong market in w. covina.  that market is limited in what the have on hand.  however, i did ok.  i’m good for a while.  i can fix mistakes after the eric the red boat sails in a few weeks.

i picked up the usual chinese condiments.  though i messed up on the veggie oyster sauce deal and got something that, well, wasn’t planned.  my bad.  i wasn’t paying attention.  oooofa.

so the first actual totally home cooked meal here in the upland meadows crib was…stir fried baby bok choy, jasmine rice, and iron chef tofu.  plus of course some vino.  white while cooking and dago red while eating, in this case.  it’s a case by case type deal.

ok.  iron chef tofu.  that’s what the old g/f named it.  it comes from the very old real iron chef show from japan that used to be on channel 18 here in lala land years ago.  and for a time on the food channel.  some day i’ll tell you about a conversation i had with one of the ch 18 folks, years ago, about that shit hot original iron chef show.  veering.

iron chef tofu started out as this weird tofu soy sauce deal the old g/f had come up with.  it was ok but i knew i could amp the deal up.  it took a year or so to refine the dish but now it kicks ass.  there’s several variations and i did another today with shitake mushrooms.  good, but the mushrooms soak up too much sauce.  whatever.  i’m a rice sauce guy.  kinda italian chinese.  capice?      

i have no intention of giving you the recipe as the damn dish sings.  good enough to be proudly featured on any decent chinese restaurant menu.   yeah, well, ok.  it’s tofu, wine, chicken stock(you can make it buddhist with veggie stock), green onions, garlic, and shallots plus other stuff.  it is chinese soul food to be sure.  the one i made today was ok.  it could have been better but it sang and i ate too much.  leftovers tomorrow.  sweet.  plus the rest of the baby bok choy cooked up fresh.

good luck with those ingredients.  i wasn’t very specific at all and there’s at least 4 more that are involved.  you might stumble on to it in five years or so.  maybe.

all is good for now.  or at least sorta.  once the eric the red voyage is over and done i can deal with more issues around here.  fine.  bring it.

the really cool thing about today’s cooking was the house doesn’t smell like paint anymore.  it smells like garlic.  i love the smell of garlic.  it smells of victory.



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