kick out the jams

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yes, of course, the only tune the mc5 ever did that i could actually listen to but this ain’t about them or the tune.  it’s about the theoretical principles of rock and roll and rockers doing country and western.  say what?

for some reason or another i lost the speaker a/c connection to my computer.  no idea what the harold happened to it.  i’ve been without music since i moved here.  well, decent fidelity and whatever.  it got so
bad today it needed to be dealt with.  quickly.

best buy out in cuca eased my pain.  a pair of nice jbl’s at a very nice price.  i asked the lady best buy person.

ok.  so i just take these suckers home.  plug them in and i can rock and roll?  there’s no card or any other bullshit?

ah, let me make sure.

she read the box. 

looks like you are good to go.

yes!  sweet.

the foot feed was maxed to the old route 66 speed limit.  i was in trouble.  i needed me some stones.  badly.  the rock and roll music jones held me in it’s deadly junkie grip.  i had the sweats and my nose was running.  fucking cuca cops better just let me slide.

i made it home in one piece with no cuca sheriff trouble or ulo cops as well.  fucking a.

things went well on the installation.  first cd?  stones of course.  ‘let it bleed’.  ‘gimme shelter’ never sounded better.  ‘monkey man’, sing it jwfh.  hahaha.  yeah.  that cd played a few times.  trust me.

next up.  dylan.  ‘blonde on blonde’.  shit yeah.  ‘visions of johanna’, ‘sad eyed lady of the lowlands’.  sweet.  more dylan ‘hwy 61 revisited’ ‘queen jane approx’ and ‘desolation row’.  not much else needs to be said.   

best part of the deal.  no headphones.  no…close the door.  why aren’t you wearing your headphones?  it’s too loud.  he sounds like crap.  yeah,  plug it in and rock on.  nothing much better.  fuck the critics.

well, it’s gotten to the sing along point this afternoon.  the byrds, ‘sweetheart of the rodeo’.  country and western by a bunch of stoned out old hippies.  gram parsons.  long dead and before his time.  steel guitar by john harford and clarence j white.  ain’t much better.  count on it.

country and western.  one of the other original american forms of music.   along with the blues, jazz, and rock and roll.  i love em all.  though there’s really something to be said for a country lp/cd with peddle steel guitar to die for.  old traditional country.  violins.  banjo.  peddle steel.  guitar.  vocal harmonies that sing.  then sing some more.  mick and keith, the glimmer twins, know this and you should too.  the stones, ‘wild horses’?  an ode to gram parsons.

‘sweetheart of the rodeo’, the byrds.  things don’t get much better.  listen to it.  sing along.  git along little doggie.  rock and roll.

rest in peace, gram.



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