there is no magic

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yesterday was the day of the wedding i’d promised the old g/f i would attend with her.  a small affair with maybe 30 people total.  a catholic church ceremony along the lines of the olden days high mass wedding ceremonies from my youth.  an hour an fifteen minute deal that would have left my butt permanently numb had it not been for all the getting up and sitting back down stuff going on.   

it’s getting hot again here in socal.  but then it’s summer so what else is new?  i made the trip out to the old digs and i was early so we could pick up her parents.  turns out i was too early because her sister had called and said they would pick up the old ones.  i asked why she didn’t call and tell me about the change in plans.  no real answer.  i wasn’t happy about the idea of sitting around for over an hour listening to her tell me how wonderful she was and how fucked up i am for the bazillionth time.

i pulled out the stops and she took the hint.  thankfully, her sister called and told us to go to the old ones place and we’d eat some singapore noodles and soup before the wedding.  fine.  plus the noodles and soup were superb.

the wedding was nice as far as weddings go and the church was a newer one and air conditioned.  yes!  the padre who performed the wedding was an old veterano filipino with over 35 years dealing with the work of the church.  i must say he did a nice job and kept his comments to a minimum or we might still be there. 

no bride and groom want to hear anything resembling a sermon on their wedding day.  the invited guests don’t want to hear it as well.  the padre said as much.  good for him.  he’d won me over.  

though he did say one or two things.  the most important being ‘there is no magic.’  a church wedding doesn’t change anything.  when you leave you leave with what you came in with.  love wise.  it’s all up to you.  god or the church can’t change any of that.  an interesting and thoughtful way of putting the deal in perspective.

when the time came for communion i went up and got his blessing instead of the wafer and vino.  it was nice to have someone with some sort of street cred with the man upstairs lay a blessing on you.

some time was spent at the bride and grooms home.  with a chinese fire drill thrown in for good measure concerning parking in their townhouse complex.  park here then no key to open the gate.  it’s locked.  of course.  move someplace else and you can’t park there as it’s reserved for someone else and so on.  finally the old g/f got to park in the garage probably because of the old ones.

the reception and dinner turned out to be a very nice and pricey affair.  though no open bar as i was led to believe.  there would be some vino at dinner but nothing other than an overly sweet punch with the canapes of chinese origin.  i needed something to take the edge off.  there was still over an hour before dinner.

i’m going to find the bar.


i wandered around and stumbled in on an indian affair on the same level of the hotel.  i think probably drawn by the wonderful redolent curry smell  being wafted around by the a/c.  i considered hitting the food line but figured with my natural american looks, which were already getting me looks, i’d be asked just what the fuck i thought i was doing.  so i went elsewhere looking for the bar.

i finally found the bar and waded through the golfers who were lined up at the 19th hole.

can i help you?

i didn’t want to linger too much.

yes, two glasses of chardonnay. 

there was a wine list several pages long.  i didn’t want to read it.

not the most expensive stuff just something reasonable.

the lady bartender then read the list.

i’m like, ok.  maybe i should have done that.

she then tells me the $9 a glass stuff is not available as they are out of it and the next choice would be the $12 stuff.


she poured me two glasses of the vino and i swilled half of the first glass and she actually topped it off.  sweet.  so i finished half the glass again and poured the rest into the second glass and headed back upstairs.  feeling much better about things.

the dinner was a very very good chinese affair.  excellent food and the service was nice as well.  plus a couple more glasses of dago red.  thankfully it wasn’t one of those wedding party deals that go on and on into the night.  by a quarter to 10 the hotel help was telling them to wrap it up.  you time is up kids.  go home.  fine by me i was ready.  i’d had way too much to eat and if i drank anymore i’d be a prime dui suspect for my trip back here.  which proved to be uneventful.  thankfully.



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