music, catch it while you can

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i’ve been listening to the blues today.  nothing new for me and for no particular reason other than i love em.  the late paul butterfield and his blues band and now cream.  the first being straight ahead big city american blues.  the latter being a british interpretation of american blues.  pure simple stuff. 

both lp’s/cd’s have lots of stuff going for them.  turned up to just under the point of speaker distortion they both rock and roll.  big time.  that my friends, is the point.  turn it up.  get up and get your baby a bottle of red wine.  sorry different lp/cd.

any the ways,  british blues and american blues.  two different things.  same roots.  same parents.  just different up bringing.  do you understand that? 

for the young that didn’t have the opportunity or just plain weren’t born yet, the blues hold and have a wonderful heritage.  one of the pure american musical art forms.  and one of my favorites.  screamin’ harmonica.  screamin’ vocals.  guitar riffs that hearken to the good lord above.  yeah, i think so.  plus back beats from above as well.  music doesn’t get much better.

another point being?  most really good american music has been forgotten.  the blues, country, not the country crap of today.  plus jazz and rock and roll.  forgotten and thrown under the bus.

the point of today is the blues.  yeah, another point.  lots of points today.  american music with roots coming from africa.  none the less, pure americana.  pure american music full of heart and soul. 

look back.  look back to paul butterfield, cream, muddy waters, howlin’ wolf, albert king, savoy brown, taj mahal, the rolling stones(yeah, those old fuckers).  all the other old fuckers out there as well.  listen to the old stuff.  listen to history.  learn history.  live history.

history is still out there.  wonderful amazing music.  catch it while you can.  catch it before all that’s left is shaquille o’neil and his dumb ass musical insanity.  capice?  i bloody well hope so.



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