i hear every mother say things are different today

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things am indeed different today.  my friend, dfr, and i were once again  discussing just how different things are today.  things have changed for the worst the past 40 years.  yeah, ok, i’m old.  however, i’ve been kicked around the block way more times than you have.  i know more shit than you.  for sure if you are just a kid.  deal with it.

the deal being our parents and grandparents taught us discipline.  sadly, in these end of times that word and kids is a bozo no no.  no discipline for kids.  no making kids toe the line anymore.  kids rule the roost.  kids tell the parents just what the fuck to do or whatever.

sad times in the end of times.  discipline is a thing of the past.  discipline and kids is a 911 call today.  lay a hand on your kid and the cops are right there.  murder, mayhem, rape, and pillage mean nothing any more.  some kid got disciplined by his/her parents and all hell has to be paid.

yeah, i suppose I’m a dinosaur.  just a blip on the olden times radar.  times when kids actually listened to their parents or elders.  times when raising a child meant something.  no more.  things are different today.

no discipline.  no nothing in regards to raising a child.  the child is king.  the child does what he or she wishes.  no restraints.  we are the poorer for it.  the child even more so.

i had trouble in the army.  basic training to be exact.  i was raised to be respectful of authority.  i was always saying yes, sir or no, sir to the drill instructor.  i couldn’t help it.  it was the way i was raised. 

the old sargent was on top of that action and really didn’t make that much of an issue of it.  point being the discipline was there from the get go and he didn’t have to work his ass off to instill it in my regard.  capice?

kids are different today.  sadly parents or society are even more so.  my point?  if you haven’t figured it out by now you never will and you are part of the problem.  pure and simple. 

i’m not talking about kids with special problems.  no way.  just your normal run of the mill kid.  a kid whose parents have abandoned him or her.  no discipline instilled.  nothing.  the child might as well have been
left for the coyotes to raise.

we are killing our kids.  we are killing ourselves.  we are killing our culture.  we are killing everything we as a nation hold dear.  we have become a nation of dumb fucking ass holes. 

of course, you don’t want to hear this.  fine.  i’m old and i’d just as soon be dead than blunder on like we have been these past 20 years.

what’s the point?  a bunch of slacker ass hole kids who know nothing.  or kids who have no respect and discipline.  like discipline is a bad thing.  sigh.  discipline has gone the way of the dodo.  god forbid a child should be spanked or whacked with a wire fly swatter or wooden yard stick because they would not listen.  it’s pure and simple.  we limp along and thumb our nose at the old days like they were some sort of hell on earth.  yeah, sure. the hell is yet to come.

guess i’m just weary and tired.  you can have the brave new world of UN disciplined kids.  not me. 



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