the new improved wii in mii(?)

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i wasn’t going to do a blog today.  i was just going to let it slide till after the eric the red voyage to valhalla was over and done.  but…

regular old time readers know i’m a wii game freak.  the tiger woods 2008 pga tour game is my at home entertainment.  well, and this too.  i was lucky enough when i was in the wind and before i moved into my new digs to buy a wii game of my own.  i had been playing the old g/f’s game.  any the ways, i was in the right place at the time for a change and scored one.

ok.  i had my cd of the tiger woods game and plugged it in.  i had to create another character and start all over from scratch.  fine.  whatever.  i haven’t played that much as i’ve been busy with this joint and well just dicking around doing other not very important stuff.  guys can relate to that. 

this new console makes playing the tiger game a completely different experience.  totally.  it’s night and day different from the old one i was used to playing.   the draw and fades actually work now.  pretty much every time.  no shit. 

i set my swing up pretty much the way i’d had it before.  grip it and rip it.  i was used to just letting tee shots rip with as much power as i could get behind the fuckers.  can’t do it anymore.  a massive tee swing now generally ends up in the rough.  right or left.  i have to scale things back.  i’m not hitting the ball as far as i used to hit it by a good 20 plus yards.  which is ok if it’s in the fairway.  it makes second shots easier.  putting is still no problem.  i can roll em up and in with the best of them.

the old glitch on the second hole at eastlake in atlnata is gone.  no trouble there if you miss the green like i was having with the game getting stuck.  what do i make of all this new stuff?

i used to think the problems were in the game cd itself.  now i know they are in the wii consoles.  has to be.  so if you are having glitches in your tiger golf game they are not from the cd.  don’t buy another one.  it’s the console causing you your problems and i have no idea how to clear those troubles up.   though i’ve heard, supposedly, you can get updates or whatever by some how or another hooking the damn console up to the computer and downloading or something from the nintendo web site.  something i’ll probably never do.  i’m geeky but i’ll never be that geeky.  trust me.

as for the tiger challenge and going through those hoops again it’s a big time pain in the ass.  controlling your tee shots and other shots during that are crap shoot time.  i was so despondent yesterday after going or trying to go through a few of the challenges i’d thought about just tossing the fucking game out in the bleeding street and running over it with the car several times just for good goddamn measure.

today?  i stayed away from the tiger challenge and just played a few rounds on my own.  the first two rounds at westchester and the falls were very nicely under par.  a double eagle and several eagles making things all sunlight and sweetness.  however, the third round at cog hill was not good.  6 over par but i tried pushing stuff a bit and it didn’t work out at all.  

i’m starting over and it’s a new ball game in more ways than one.  life and tiger’s wii golf game.  guess i’ll manage at both.  eventually.



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