the voyage of eric the red or a mountain of dirty laundry

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i’m not sure if i want to run the whole deal down like i did in the mexican riviera voyage blog.  time tells.  i didn’t take any photos but the ex g/f did so when i get them in an email i’ll trot them out and see what happens.  as for now i’ll just ramble.  nothing new there.

i enjoyed alaska if only for some cool summertime weather.  there is something to be said about having to wear a jacket or sweatshirt during the summer.  plus the scenery was pretty spectacular. 

as for the cruise line, royal carribean, yes, i’m naming names this time, i won’t be back.  nice friendly staff and one bartender who made the perfect vodka martini doesn’t make for a worthwhile money spent deal. the food was only so so and the ship is noisy at night with paper thin walls.  and live music careening around the hallways till after midnight.

speaking of the live music, it wasn’t as good as i’ve heard on past cruises.  ok stuff but just not quite the dead bang on professionalism of other trips.  what can i say?  though there was one show that sang and was one of the most amazing concerts i’ve ever seen.  more later. 

at any rate i’m back and the deal is done and over with.  7 days with the ex g/f was way more than enough.  it just reinforced why i left in the first place.  though i must say she was actually very nice for the most part.  notice i said for the most part.  that deal is over and done with as well.

i’m still tired and strung out.  the ordeal of getting up to alaska was what it was, an ordeal.  getting home was another one.  though not quite as bad.   or maybe it was just the fact of doing another 7 day cruise within two months time.  i don’t know but i doubt i’ll be going anywhere anytime soon unless it’s some sort of deal or offer i can’t refuse.

i know this is pretty lame but what can i say?  plus my typing skills have eroded badly over the past week without them being used on a daily basis.  and i’m getting tired of fixing my screw ups.  then there’s that mountain of dirty laundry that needs to be dealt with.  at any rate, it’s nice to be home.



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