ella fitzgerald

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this is what i stuck up on another place today.  i’m not changing my avatar here.  to much trouble and well, i’m just groovin’ to ella.  no time for avatar changing stuff.  sure, you can dig that. 

yeah,  i added her as my avatar today.  i had been meaning to do it for weeks now.  just never got around to it.  my bad.  just how long it stays up there is anyones guess.  

there is no better female or lady singer anywhere.  sarah vaughn?  janis joplin?  patsy cline?  emmylou harris?  sure all of them and a few more.  madonna?  lol.  yeah.  ok.  there’s a limit to that question that at some point reaches the end of musical understanding.

folks.  there simply isn’t anybody anywhere who sang like the dead black lady i’m in love with, sweet, ella.  ah, huh.  count on it.  i should probably listen to more of her stuff just to help grind down the edges of bleeding life.  sure vino helps but sweet dear ella grinds down those  rough edges like some sort of grinder made with the finest of stick it on your loves finger diamonds. 

then of course there’s the musical back up.  some, if not the finest musicians ever backing up the lady of song.  dudes and dudettes, shit doesn’t get much better.  count on it.  kick ass music and a songstress who belts it out like no one every has and for sure no one ever will again.  yep.  lay your money down.  i’ll take it and laugh all the way to the musical bank.  fuck yeah. 

heaven opens a magic lane…there’s a rainbow highway to be found.

oh, didn’t mention lyrics?  guess not.  same deal.  the best.  long dead standards thrown under the bus of rap and crap.  punk.  metal.  etal.  sure sue me.  i ain’t talking about that stuff.  i’m talkin’, ella fitzgerald and if you don’t know her you had better give her a listen.  soon. 

veered there for a bit.  lyrics?  george and ira.  rodgers and hart.  harold arlin.  duke.  kern and hammerstein.  kahn and donaldson.  burke and van heusen.  parish and carmichael.  cole porter.  sammy cahn.  et the fuck all.  yeah, no glimmer twins or the fab two plus others but there’s some history out there.  ella belts it out better than most.  dig in and enjoy.  you will be glad you did.

music provided by, ella, of course, ‘the very best of the harold arlen song book’. 



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