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after an eight month absence from playing live my friend, john harrelson, took to the stage again last night at rhino records in claremont, ca.  it was all things considered an amazing set of acoustical music.  amazing because john hasn’t been feeling very well the past year.  and it was good to see him back on stage doing what he truly loves, playing guitar and singing his songs. 

the set included some of his favorites from others but mostly his own tunes filled with that heart and soul that most musicians can only hope for.  yeah, john, kicked out some jams.  for those that don’t know john he’s been playing, singing and writing tunes for the past 40 years.  i’m very happy to call him a friend.  i first met him 40 years ago.  there’s a blog out there somewhere sorta detailing that.  anyways, it’s always nice to sit with him and drink some coffee and talk about stuff we both love.  music and ladies.  ok, and other stuff as well.

things got off to a rockin’ start with ‘dixie chicken’.  songs by others included ‘red rooster’, ‘crossroads’, and ‘jambalaya’.  for the most part though it was john’s music from new stuff to old stuff and a stop or two in between.  tunes like, ‘live & love like mick & keith (and die like brian jones), his ode to the best band ever the rolling stones.  along with ‘serena’ and the hauntingly beautiful ‘mojave’ which deals with what john does best, putting his life and heart into his songs.  the set ended with john’s ‘i want your ass’ a tune about a hot librarian and a rockin’ blues number.

john invited one of his guitar students up on stage to join him in a couple of songs, ‘jambalaya’ and ‘mojave’.  i hope i get the young man’s name correct here, richard mancuso.  if i screwed it up i assure you it wasn’t intentional.  at any rate, the 14 year old did a fine job. 

bottom line is it was good to see john out on stage again.  out on stage doing what is his life, folks.  nothing more nothing less.  a professional musician with a heart full of soul that shines like a beacon when he plays and sings.  it doesn’t get much better for those of us that watch him perform.

john will doing another live gig in a few weeks at another local venue.  i hope i see you there.  another friend of john’s video taped the set last night.  it should be out on in a week or so. i’ll let you know.  you can always visit john at or or for john’s wonderful blog go to

dude, i’m glad you’re back.



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