the brown eyed girl

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that’s what she named herself.  she was wondering just when i’d write about her.  so i guess she picked her name for the time being.  blog wise.  fine.  it’s a bit ponderous and i’ll probably fix it at some point but what the fix will be remains to be seen.  before any olden times readers get their collective panties in a knot, i met the brown eyed girl just recently.   a good month and a half after the ex g/f and i were well past history. 

the brown eyed girl.  lovely ones.  ah, eyes.  ok, yeah, well.  really odd thing is she isn’t asian.  exactly my point.  what is up with that?  i’ve really no answer to the question.  none for the time being. 

any the ways, this lovely brown eyed girl is a so calif native like me.  a few years younger but, well, i like em young.  go figure.  she reminds me of my first true love in that we can talk and yammer at each other for hours just like magpies on crack.  a good thing.  a lovely hispanic lady to match this vato homie with his odd vato sorta roots.  i wish i was talking to her right now.  i’m a teenager again.  talking on the phone way too much but talking to her in person is even better.

i don’t know what time will bring.  though i know right now i’m very happy with things.  and very glad i stumbled onto the brown eyed girl.  thanks, mija(ita).



2 thoughts on “the brown eyed girl

    joiedeer said:
    August 5, 2008 at 4:17 pm

    you sound happy. what the f. just enjoy. this brown eyed girl is mighty lucky to have you in her life. me thinks she be pretty happy and smitten tambien. and she is definitely enjoying.

    johnhauge responded:
    August 5, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    yeah, amazing isn’t it? thanks for the nice comment and dropping by. i hope you come by here again. hasta luego, amigo.

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