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ok.  this one will probably be all over the place.  no, not probably, it will be.  i’m writing this on tuesday late afternoon in hopes of it maybe seeing daylight on wednesday morning at some point.   

i ate some indo food in one of those, or two of those, sorta vacuum pack deals today.  vegan and vegetarian stuff.  plus some tigris and euphrates river grain deal.  yeah, i was at some point or another a buddhist or some damn thing.  a practicing buddhist.  a different thing from the run of the mill buddhist.  none the less, where does this vegitarian deal come from? 

the drifts yaw and spin one way then the other way at this early point.   fine.  the title says it all. 

the in the bag indo food was ok.  not restaurant quality but actually better than some indo dives i’ve eaten in.  ok, props to the indo company, ‘tasty bite’.  i ate two of them.  yeah, well it’s veggie stuff and i added stuff and even with the rice stuff from the heart of the middle east i’m still bleeding hungry.  yeah.

the brown eyed girl intro’ed me to this place that has the indo food.  she stayed away from it other than some nan bread and i prolly should have bagged some and ate it today.  then i may have not been hungry at this point.

claremont village.  it’s where i first met the brown eyed girl.  the farmer’s market.  we went there this past sunday as well.  claremont village.  she’s been going there forever.  or at least since she moved to cuca 20 years ago.  me?  and my friends?  we’ve been going there ever since we could drive. 

it’s the weekend.  friday or saturday night.  what you wanna do?  oasis for sure then maybe hit claremont village.  college town.  well, a different college town to be sure.  google claremont colleges and see what they want for tuition.  can you say, what the fuck? 

any the ways, a nice thing about the brown eyed girl and i is we both appreciate claremont village.  jwfh, does as well.  dfr, for that matter too.  though seems some of the local claremontites don’t.  whatever.  hard to figure.

ok.  this is gonna seem like some sort of drift beyond a veer and a drift but it’s my blog.  only reason i bring it up is i went thru it last sunday with the brown eyed girl.  yeah, i can be ahead of the curve at some points or another.

i was listening to sport talk radio while i was nuking my indo deal and eating it.  topic was, what sports event has caused major issues or was a deal breaker with you and your babe?  or something similar.

claremont village.  last sunday.  sitting in brown eyed girl’s car.  a/c on.  cooling off.  oldies radio on. 

ok.  so like we are in my car and i have sports talk on all the time.  problem?

well, yeah.  at some point and probably very soon.  but i could deal with it for a bit or something.

ok.  (jesus. like sports talk radio is gonna fly in the car every time she gets in my car.  of course, i’m delusional in this regard.)  so like if usc football was on the radio and i had it on it would be ok?

(brown eyed girl has a masters from usc.  i’m sucking up.  sorta desperately plus i need sports talk radio.  it’s my car IV.)

usc football?  sure.  no problem. 

woohoo. that was like silent.  what about ucla football on the car radio and you’re like there in the car with me?  (bright girl that she is sees where this deal is going.  crap.)

um, well, that might not be a problem but i really wouldn’t want to listen to sports talk or sport stuff all the time if i’m in your car. 

yes, but i love college football and like i already told you, once football starts you probably aren’t gonna want to read my blog any the ways.

hmm, yes, dear.  and your point?

ah, well, ok.  just remember i need college football.  it’s like my, um, new drug habit.  though it’s been an old time drug habit since i was a little kid.  even before i knew what drugs were.  and for that matter, drugs i ain’t even been around in way way lots of years.  and drugs i really didn’t take that much and need some sort of betty ford deal in order to quit.

yeah, kids, i was pathetic.   pathetic, desperate, and rambling.  see, i know the brown eyed girl just may not let me loll around and watch college football all damn day on saturdays coming up in like 25 days.  ya think?  though both of us are retired.  so like maybe, i can swing some sort of deal or stuff for some other day during the week and get my saturdays off and watch college football.  hopefully with her.  yeah, i’ve got me some ideas for halftime and they don’t include a marching band.  if you get my drift.  though a marching band might be interesting.  never mind.

yeah, i’m pretty much clueless here.  any the ways, i need to continue my college football cub reporter and college football prediction maven roles here very soon.  in order to make any sorta sense doing both i need to see some college games.  makes sense right? 

god, this one has been all over the damn place.  i should probably just hit the delete button and send it off into where ever shit goes when you hit that button.  then start something new or just forget about it.  like that’s gonna happen.



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