the life of a vet

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i wrote this a few days ago.  i wasn’t gonna publish this blog.  mainly because i felt better just writing it.  brown eyed girl was sorta surprised when i told her i wasn’t going to.  brown eyed girl wanted to read it.  she also wanted to know why.  i told her that i said fuck to much and got a bit to strident.  she told not to start censoring myself.  it is what it is.  yeah, i’m liking her more every day.     

as to the title.  no, not a dogie or kitty doc but a veteran of this countries armed forces.  i’ve let this one fester for a bit and it’s time has come.  so be it. 

i go off on my time in vietnam at various times here in the blog.  it is what it was and still is.  though there are friends out there that really don’t have a goddamn fucking clue just what the fuck it means to me and my brothers who were there.  or for that matter any of my brothers who were in ww2 or korea or the first gulf war or this current stupid fucking war. 

i’m supposed to forget about nam and just go along with what the fuck ever.  i wish the fuck i could forget vietnam.  trouble is i can’t forget.  not that i really want to.  the problem being are the fucks who never served telling me i should forget.  like you know shit.  you know nothing.  know nothing about what it means or what it was.  just nothing. 

i took my dad to the doctor this past week.  he’s in his 90’s.  i took him to an orthopod.  i was in the room.  i was concerned about his welfare and just what the doctor had in mind for his problem.  as it should be.

the doctor turned out to be a wonderful man and doctor.  a bedside manner most doctors would kill for.  as for me, he looked me right in the eye and said, ‘i don’t operate on 90 plus year olds.’  whoa.  an honest man and doctor.  i’m a fan.  but he will do a simple procedure to get rid of the pain in my pops hand.  if the neurologist says there’s nothing else going on.  fine.  god bless you, doctor.

the really nice thing being other than him being an honest doctor was he used to work at the va hospital out here in the inland empire.  he is one of those folks who appreciates military history and those who were a part of that history.  

when he asked if my dad was a ww2 vet, my dad said, yes, and of course stood or sat up tall.  the doctor asked him about his service.  dad laid it out.  i’d heard it before.  many times.  but the doctor was truly interested.  he was enthralled.  he looked at me and said, ‘i love this stuff.  i was in euroland this summer at normandy.  amazing.  i can’t get enough.’ 

well, he made my dad’s day.  mine too.  there are folks out there that appreciate what vets have done for this country.  right or wrong.  but to tell a vet to forget about it and just…and just…

my dad can’t forget about his time in ww2.  i know korean vets who can’t forget about their time in korea.  i sure as hell know vets from nam who can’t forget about vietnam.  myself included.  i’m sure there’s gulf war vets in the same boat.  this war as well.  if you haven’t been there don’t fucking tell me or any other fucking war vet just to forget about it.  forget about me instead and don’t be my friend.  fuck you.  because i can’t forget about nam and i don’t want to forget about it.  fuck you.  i’d rather forget about you.

my pops is over 90 and still will and wants to tell folks about the big one.  oh, yeah, it that was different.  bullshit.  you never served.  you weren’t there.  you weren’t anywhere.  you know nothing about it.  fuck you and your ilk.  just delete me, please.

ah, shit, i feel a whole lot better now.  i hope i get some deletes.  an apology would be better but whatever.  i don’t care.  as the nam saying went, ‘fuck it. don’t mean nothin.’



3 thoughts on “the life of a vet

    hoosierarmymom said:
    January 12, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    I was raised by a WWII Marine. I never served myself, but, my father and life taught me, that you respect anyone who writes the check, payable to our government, for the amount of and up to, giving one’s life. During the protests in the 60’s and 70’s that were precipitated by the NV government themselves, as they took credit for doing it, we were winning the war! I could not understand the protesters protesting returning troops. No one who serves is supposed to forget, they need to be reminded that for all the suffering and sacrifice, much good was done. They should be thanked and welcomed home. I’m going to tell you about my friend Thu. Thu’s father told her about how many family memebers were murdered by the NVA and VC before the American military presence came. She will tell anyone, she would not be alive and living here if it weren’t for the American military presence. I heard a stupid man dare to apologize for the war in Viet Nam once and she promptly told him off with passion! Next time you think about the bad that happened, remember that so much more good was accomplished and South Viet Nam right now would be free if it were for the stupid politicians thinking they can run it better than the generals, etc.

    So Jim, thank you so very much for your service, and Welcome Home!!!

    hoosierarmymom said:
    January 13, 2009 at 4:13 am

    My eyes aren’t what they used to be, I called you Jim… JOHN!!! Please forgive me for that.

    johnhauge responded:
    January 13, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    no problem.

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