so you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll star(?)

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i stumbled upon a new old cd this past week.  not really stumbled upon because i have this system semi sorta worked out when i go into rhino, in claremont, on the days i visit with my friend, jwfh, over coffee.  jwfh, by the by, is a real rock ‘n’ roll star.  i suppose he would have something to say about that but that’s a veer and i stand by what i said.  

since i’m more or less stuck in the 60’s and 70’s contemporary music wise i wander the rock section cd’s alphabetically and look at the groups i liked back when.  then look to see if there’s new stuff since my last visit under whoever.  the r & b section as well. 

this past week i picked up a new old byrds cd.  it had been in the can in roger mcguinn’s climate controlled garage (must be nice) since 1971.  an amazing live cd the byrds, ‘live at royal albert hall 1971’.  i for one, am very glad this one has come to see the light of day.  i’m a big byrds fan.  in particular their cosmic country stuff.  of course their early rock numbers are pretty fine as well. 

any the ways, it’s all on the cd.  cosmic country- lover of the bayou, chestnut mare, truck stop girl, you ain’t going nowhere.  old stuff- mr. tambourine man, mr spaceman, my back pages, eight miles high.  very fine stuff indeed.  roger mcguinn and the late great, clarence white, on guitar.  skip batten on bass and gene parsons on drums.

the cd starts out a little bottom heavy but things work out when the engineer finally woke-up or came down.  roger mcguinn and clarence white shine on this one kids.  fucking stellar. 

perhaps the most amazing cut on the cd is the 18 minute version of ‘eight miles high’.  a new version of the old song tricked out in grateful dead like psychedelia but better.  a fine performance by the bottom end boys so clarence could catch a smoke mid set and song.

look for this one if you like the bryds or cosmic country.  it’s one you are gonna play a lot.  truly fine stuff.  thanks, roger, for finally putting this one out.  just goes to show why the byrds were and still are one of the best bands of the 60’s and 70’s.  yes, there’s sound mix problems but the music still comes through as cosmic and lovely as it ever was.  find it and buy it.



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