a two and a half men life

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as usual, these past few weeks i’m not really sure where this one is going.  under normal circumstances i could come up with a number of blogs on a number of subjects.  the olympics, for the obvious reasons, but i really don’t care just what the fuck happens short of nuclear war over the damn deal.  i just don’t care.  all though lots of you out there obviously do.  fine.  do your thing.

the ruskies and georgia.  an odd weird deal that is just off the radar for most folks.  then again it’s probably why they did it now.  yes, of course, they weren’t thinkin’.  none the less, a sad goddamn deal for sure.

or the filipino action and the muslims.  another deal gone south but then it’s been that way since after the ww2 thingy.

then there’s college football.  mark sanchez out with a freak dislocated knee for maybe 8 weeks.  that throws the trojan bcs title hunt into a mind numbing quandary.  the stooges of ohio st just might make it back to the big dance only to be humiliated once again.  the sad big ten.

or perhaps the ucla dilemma.  no qb as well.  slick rick and norm chow but no players at qb.  pundits say 6 and 6 for the bruins wins slick rick coach of the year.  those numbers could also be the once great trojan numbers as well.  only time tells. 

me?  i’m waiting patiently sitting by the door.

see, i’ve lived a charlie sheen, two and a half men life, for most of my life.  teen-age and adult life.  sad as that might be i’ve had me some fun.  of course, ladies have been hurt in the process.  though the last one was one for the ages.  a some sort of odd weird deal and i really have no reason for why it lasted so long.  because i’d had enough of it long ago.  though i was charlie sheen during most of it which could explain stuff.   yeah, my bad.  mea culpa.  it is what it was.  i can be a heel and a cad.

there comes a time in a man’s life where the end is in some sort of shouting distance.  i mean you can see shit over the horizon.  you can  still be charlie sheen for what’s left of it or decide that doing that action isn’t an option.  perhaps those of my gender could and should do that at a younger age.  all though it all comes down to finding a woman that makes you want to stop being, charlie sheen. 

ok.  i’m using charlie as an example.  i love the show.  it’s my current favorite.  the character in the show resembles my semi sorta life.  yeah, i’ve not been a model male by any damn stretch.  but i think you all get my point.  um, perhaps.

point?  yes, of course.  my pleasure.  i met the brown eyed girl.  she has major health issues.  i was like well, i don’t know.  i really don’t think so.  her take?  she knew i was charlie sheen because she’s bright and i told her.  she really didn’t want stuff to go past a cup of joe or whatever.  she didn’t think she could do it.  my take on shit too.  we both really didn’t want it.

then life throws shit at you.  despite what you are thinking.  sorta redundant but what else is new?

chemistry plays a large part in male female relationships.  you can sorta realize this at a young age but hormones are raging and it sorta clouds issues.  so the real deal gets blind sided or stuck off in a corner some place. 

another point?  brown eyed girl and i hit notes.  hard ass jazz improv notes.  notes most folks might never hit in any sort of relationship.  issues mean nothing.  they are still there but if things continue like they have then they are simply just a slight bump in the road.  they really mean nothing.  chemistry trumps issues.  hitting early 1960’s jazz improv notes in a relationship means divine intervention.  pure and simple.

yes, of course, there’s some worry about me and my charlie issues.  however, there comes a time in any sane man’s life where you realize that something true and pure is worth more than simple easy sex with young. willing, and stupid women.  yeah, amazing ain’t it?  if you are a man, i hope you eventually realize it when something good and pure comes your way. 

good and pure doesn’t mean without issues.  there’s always issues.  regardless.  capice?  i’ve stomped on many a good deal in my time.  i missed many a missed opportunity, lady wise, out of just plain stupidity.  i’m at an age now where if something good and pure comes along it’s time to grab it and hang on for dear life.  regardless of the issues.

yeah, it’s early.  we’ve both been around for way to damn long not to realize anything else.  but that click and that chemistry is an awesome thing when dealt to you.  it’s like, fuck, i’ve been dealt a pat hand.  how in god’s name did this happen? 

it’s a day at a time thing.  though even in the early stages it’s like…in for a penny and in for the whole damn pot.  fuck it, i’ve been dealt a royal flush.  woo fuckin’ hoo.

the brown eyed girl.



2 thoughts on “a two and a half men life

    Mark said:
    August 12, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    You bastard!

    johnhauge responded:
    August 12, 2008 at 10:17 pm

    hahaha. thanks my, brother. hopefully, no more.

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