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i had intended on writing a blog this morning.  well, way earlier.  i got side tracked as usual and things then did what they normally do.  the wheels tend to fall off once the deal gets rolling.  any the ways, this is about several things.

the brown eyed girl told me yesterday to print out the college tv schedule.  after i told her i’d looked at the up coming college football tv schedule on sports illustrated’s web page.  since she has cable or dish or whatever i’ll be spending more time there very soon.  she’s fine with it but just wanted a sort of heads up in advance.  sure no problem. 

my printer beginning yesterday has had some sort of issue going for it.  no matter what i did it just wouldn’t stop printing.  other than turning it off, of course.  i was getting copy after copy of an email i need for an upcoming car buying trip.  but that’s a blog for another time if it’s worth it.  all the settings were for 1 copy.  but it just kept churning them out.  demanding more paper.

so this morning i decided to get the tv schedule done and over with.  i turned the copier on and it demanded paper.  i was running low.  i feed it some paper and it started cranking out shit from yesterday.  again.  what the fuck?  exactly. 

a few folks told me to turn it off and un plug it.  brown eyed girl and dfr as well.  well, it’s always off unless i’m using it.  at any rate, it had eaten my sparse supply of paper.  i needed more.  there’s one of those big office supply joints up the road a piece but they don’t open until 8am.  yeah, i shop early.  the earlier the better suits me just fine.   i’d found another big office supply company in another direction that said they were open at 7am.  now you’re talkin’.  it was a bit before 7.  i got there at 7.  of course they weren’t open.   new hours are 8am to whatever.

i found some cheap paper at a 24 hour drug store on the way home.  the printer is ok now for some bizarre and unknown reason.  the schedule is printed up and i’ve looked it over hi-liting games i want to see.  of course, things might change over the course of the season but it’s what she wants to know.  problem is now i need ink for the damn printer.

my friend, jwfh, lopped off the end of a couple of toes last night.  he’s diabetic among other things and was using in his own words, industrial strength clippers and didn’t even feel the deal going down.  i just talked to him.  he’s ok.  he’s playing a gig this monday night and i wanted to make sure it was still on.  although i told him i know he’ll be there.   they would have to nail him to a bed someplace in order for him not to play a gig.

i got this letter in the mail yesterday from the california earthquake authority.  they are the only folks anymore that sell earthquake insurance here in california.  this came about after the northridge shaker back in the early 90’s.  the insurance folks took a bath.  the one up in san fran in the late 80’s didn’t help much either.  back to the letter.  i have 30 days to notify my insurance carrier if i want the earthquake insurance.  

several problems with that.  one, it’s another almost $500 a year in premiums.  two, the damn deductible is a bit over 20% of what the place is worth.  and unless the damage reaches that magic 20 plus percent they probably aren’t going to pay out a dime.  so like i don’t think so.  i think ex and i may have had it on a place we owned for a number of years but i really can’t remember.  thing is the stuff is more expensive now and the deductble is a crime at best.

as a drift.  if there’s an earthquake and a fire starts due to the earthquake.  your fire insurance won’t cover it.  the old act of god clause.  the insurance industry cries the woe is us blues every time some sort of natural disaster wreaks havoc on the general public.  between them and the government i guess we are lucky if anyone gets anythng out of them. 

no, it is not george bush’s fault.  it’s all of the politicians fault as they are for the most part lawyers and insurance companies are run by lawyers.  a feeding frenzy of lawyers intent on gleening every damn cent we have from our pockets.  for those of you who’ve read shakespeare just remember his solution.   perhaps it’s time has come.  no, i am not advocating violence against lawyers.  just sayin’ they have always been a skeevy crowd at best for a number of centuries.

now the damn spell check refuses to check the last couple of paragraphs.  sweet.  i give up.  i’m gonna go play golf and see what that machine has in store for me today.



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