dyolf knip and a kid

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that pretty much says it.  though i guess when the jones arises it really doesn’t matter a whole bleeding lot.  pink floyd forwards or backwards.  only thing i’d ask is why are you still listening to ‘dark side of the moon’ or ‘the wall’?  then again, why am i still listening to ‘ummagumma-live’?  hmm, maybe because it’s way better.  ya think?  yeah, it is.

point being.  ‘ummagumma-live’ is like probably one of the most amazing live lp’s ever laid out.  i’ve got the jbl’s cranked into the mystic and the electricity is cracking.  the boys of the old floyd are off into something rarely ever seen before and certainly not since.  the grateful dead wish they could have come up with ‘ummagumma-live’.  kids, that says a whole hell of a lot about stuff on numerous levels.  

plus the high is still there.  contact or otherwise.  the pink pulled off an amazing thing almost 40 years ago.  they hit live notes that other bands of the era could only dream about.  wet dream about.  pure and simple.

fantastic stuff.  live and chillingly real.  close your eyes.  drift away into the music and something rarely seen in a live music cd.  give it a listen and see what i’m talkin’ about.  turn it up.

ok. now for the kid part.  i came across this link yesterday on yahoo.  it was clogged up most of the day.  i finally got around to it in the afternoon.  http://tallanlatz.com

check it out it’s an 8 year old kid who is the best 8 year old kid i’ve ever heard play guitar.  he does some hendrix and stevie ray.  i know he’ll get better.  i just hope he doesn’t end up all fucked up.

have a nice weekend.  mine starts today.  the brown eyed girl is coming over this afternoon.  cheers.

setting the controls for the heart of the sun.



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