of baubles and bangles

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i’m up early as usual.  though not as early as usual.  the brown eyed girl moved to my side of the bed when i got up.  mumbling something about me still being there if she did that.  a nice thought and it might have sparked something again if i wasn’t already worn out in that nice way.

there is something incredibly sexy about a woman who wears a ton of jewelery.  lots of bracelets and rings to be more specific.  gold or silver.  it matters not.  the brown eyed girl favors silver.  i favor the brown eyed girl.

it’s quiet and there isn’t any sound after the fridge stops running.  just the slight tapping of the keyboard keys.  it’s very still outside.  the air isn’t stirring.  it’s cooler than yesterday at this time.  the windows are open.  the scent of the brown eyed girl lingers and hangs between the keyboard and my face.  breathe deep.  atom heart mother. 

we did some celebrating last night.  i bought a new ride yesterday and the brown eyed girl took me out.  pretty sweet.  a bit of wine tasting at the oldest winery in california to start things off.  the old place restored with a small wine making set up as well.  you can make your own wine from their crushed grape products from all over the world.  add some yeast and let nature take it’s course.  then you bottle it yourself a couple of months later.  we are thinking of doing it.

after that we walked to an italian place the brown eyed girl said was her favorite.  have i told you she is more italian than i am?  but then i’m more mexican than she is.  a symbiotic deal for sure.  probably the best ever.

any the ways, the italian restaurant is or was one of those things that make the free world a better place.  killer italian joint run by an east indian.  you bring a bottle of wine in from the tasting place and they don’t charge you a corking fee. 

the food?  we ordered enough to taste a bunch of stuff with the plan of bringing the leftovers home and eating them tonight.  i love it when a plan comes together.  gnocchi, the likes i haven’t eaten since i watched my sainted italian grandmother make them when i was a kid.

we had been thinking about going to san diego next month to see etta james and her band in concert.  two of her son’s are in the band, the roots band.  however, the thought of a 3 hour plus ride into the heart of traffic darkness, that long slow trip to san diego, more or less killed that idea.   

though we struck gold at another venue.  etta james and the roots band with special guests, tower of power.  tower of power, on their 40th anniversary tour.  my favorite r and b, funk, and horn band…ever.  they are playing out in the desert of palms springs at an american indian casino the end of september.  we already have tickets.  great seats.  so fucking sweet.



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