singin’ and playin’ electrically w/ photos

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the brown eyed girl and i ventured out last night to see john harrelson play live at the buffalo inn, here in upland .  this time john was joined by two other gents, brian chapman, on upright bass, and mike krevis, on guitar.  plus some electricity was thrown in for good measure. 

john puts on a marvelous show all by himself without the help of electricity.  however, when you add a couple of his favorite musicians as side men and some electricity to the guitars it makes for an amazing set of blues.

though he wasn’t feeling well john came alive last night.  a toss up as to whether it was the almost packed house or the addition of the 110 circuit connection to the guitars. 

john basically played the same set he played a couple of weeks ago sans the country stuff.  he stuck to just the blues as that was the theme for the evening.  the opening act was a trio fronted by billy proulx.  another fine set of blues tunes with billy’s take on them.

however, john stole the show.  the joint was a rockin’.  two thirds of the house had come to see john work out and he didn’t let any one of us down.   from the opening tune, ‘t is for texas’ to the usual sexy stunning closer, ‘i want your ass’, john kicked out the jams and got back what he lives for.  our undivided attention, applause, and love of his musical showmanship. 

thanks, jwfh, for a great evening.  please, do some more gigs soon.

from left to right: brian chapman, mark krevis, and john harrelson.

all photos courtesy of the brown eyed girl. 



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