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i’ve gone over this several times and i suppose i could just pare it down and get a couple of blogs out of the mess.  although doing that might mean things just might make sense.  ain’t no way i’m lettin’ that happen.

i had been out picking some stuff up for the brown eyed girl yesterday.  stuff she needs and didn’t have much of around here.  plus it was on sale and the sale ended yesterday.  i really don’t mind doing stuff for her.  not at all.  even shopping, as bizarre as that might seem.  but then she’s easy to get along with.  at least so far.  though there is nothing in her mien that would predict any sort of odd strange behavior.  myself on the other hand…

of course, what could go bad or wrong or sideways with a relationship where you can sit on the couch sipping some dago red as the sun gets past setting, and you’re listening to ella, while the brown eyed girl sings along?  yeah, no shit.  i mean, i love ella but there’s just a few tunes of hers that i might know enough of the lyrics for me to even attempt a stab at singing along with it.  not the brown eyed girl.  she can do the whole bleeding catalog.  an amazing and very sexy thing.  i assure you.

i’ve gone adrift right from the start but i suppose i ought to finish the drift.  we are both still amazed at our relationship.  if you recall, neither of us was really interested in each other as serious company.  we both figured friends would probably be just fine.  both of us have issues.  the really strange cool thing is neither of us care about the issues anymore.  oh, there might be a couple of things but nothing that’s a deal breaker.  or so one would hope.  why?  because both of us are the happiest we’ve been in a number of years.  i for one ain’t breaking the deal.  the brown eyed girl ain’t either.  this i know.     

so, as the late dick lane used to say, ‘whoa, nellie!’  keith jackson as well, but he got it from dick.  keith, being a good west coast boy.  time to rein shit back to the beginning of this epistle before more tangents are found, explored, and dealt with.

i spotted a coyote yesterday afternoon as i was coming in the back entrance to the place where i live.  it was down the street maybe 50 yards.  i knew what it was right away.  coyotes are of the canine family but they are in a world of their own.  this one looked young.  nice coat, a bit skinny and small.  alone.  so i figured it for a male.  though i didn’t get close enough to really see that action. 

lopping down the middle of the street in that coyote gait.  hurried but not rushing.  the rushing would come if one of the old ladies in here got a good look at it and called animal control.  if they weren’t off doing something more important they would have shown up and run the poor coyote into the ground.  i’ve seen that action enough over the years and i’ve come to really despise it. 

yes, of course, they eat stupid peoples pets and the odd kid or two of the same stupid people.  stupid people, probably not unlike the kid in florida who tried to para sail in the latest bad weather deal down there.  he got what he deserved.  not that kids of stupid people who get eaten by a coyote deserve it.     

they are wild animals.  they’ve lived here in the sandy desert of so calif since long before the chinese came over the olden land bridge from china.  came here to become the apaches, navajos, souix, and et al, a bazillion years ago. 

we’ve encroached.  we’ve pushed what’s left of the old wild animal population into whatever demented action they might take.  though not really demented on their part.  they are what they are.  they can’t help it.

i suppose the point being.  the days of packs of coyotes running through the long ago vineyards and orchards of so calif are long gone.  as are the nights of my youth once filled with the coyote’s sad lonely calls.  sad yelps while they waited impatiently for the sun to return. 

stupid people, listen up.  i have no clue to just how many times you’ve been told this…watch out for your pets.  more importantly, watch out for your kids.  amazingly enough, coyote still waits.  thankfully.



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