football, orgasm, and break my eardrum

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this was written yesterday afternoon.  the event(s) depicted occurred the evening before.  i’d thought about sticking this one under the sports heading.  yes, perhaps a bit untoward.  now that you are totally confused, i hope you enjoy the read.


yes, i know.  but what can i say?  it’s what i’d written down last night.  i actually got out of bed and stumbled in here and wrote it on a piece of paper.  the paper is still here.  it’s written in a semi scrawl like deal.  football, orgasm, and break my eardrum.  when i first looked at it in the light of day i wasn’t really sure what it said.  i finally figured it out but i really have no idea how football got involved with the other two.  we shall see.  perhaps.

i do sorta remember the brown eyed girl saying something about maybe me not writing about some of the stuff from last night.  then i told her no one knows who she is except for, jwfh, and he doesn’t care.  so why should she?  i think she may have sorta agreed to that odd demented notion.  only time will tell.

we’d moved from the couch and listening to a live ella cd, recorded someplace here in so calif, and into the bedroom.  where we switched to another oldie, the george shearing quintet with nancy wilson, ‘the swingin’s mutual’.  a damn fine boudoir recording if there ever was one.

ok.  having just got off the phone with the brown eyed girl, she called me, things are somewhat clearer.  i read what i had already written to her and got a couple of chuckles so i figure stuff is good to go.  i plod on.

george and nancy were doing their thing and we were too.  it seems i may have taken a short break in the festivities and blurted out something about i needed to start writing stuff about college football.  yeah, well.  any the ways, apparently i thought about it for a moment or two then said, ‘ah, fuck it.’  then we both got back down to the business at hand.

i’m one of those, if you are a lady and you blow in my ear i’ll follow you pretty much anywhere, type guys.  well, the brown eyed girl was doing just that.  along with trying to stick her tongue down my ear canal.  nancy and george were full tilt boogie as well.  somewhere around that point in time, i hit the sweet spot.  hey, nonnie nonnie.  here’s where orgasm comes into play.  hmmm, yeah.  pun works well.  brown eyed girl screamed for a bit into the ear she had been messing with. 

thankfully, my eardrum wasn’t damaged or broken.  though there still seems to be a sorta ringing in it.  not unlike listening to live music and being to close to the speakers ringing thingy.

well, ok.  at some point or another, plus being in an addled state, i put the three of them together…football, orgasm, broken eardrum.  i thought it would be a boffo idea to set them all down into a nice blog.  i mentioned it to the brown eyed girl and you’ve already read what happened at that point.  so, there ya go.  now you have the blog as well. 

i still need to write about college football.  the season starts next week.  i did a couple of things on the trojans and oregon ducks back in may of this year and my other site went through the roof.  primarily due to the rabid duck fans out in the ether of the internet.  i need to rock ‘n’ roll that action again.  although i’d rather rock ‘n’ roll with the brown eyed girl.  yeah, well.  what can i say? 



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    Carpathian · said:
    August 26, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    […] News » News News football, orgasm, and break my eardrum2008-08-26 13:57:19One. to another oldie, the bedroom. where we switched to another oldie, the […]

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