biscuits and gravy

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i watched a crazy lady eat biscuits and gravy.  it was on wednesday.  an older heavy set woman.  alone.  in the booth by herself.  i’d watched her come in.  she seemed normal.  more or less pleasant.  she had a newspaper.  don’t they all?  it was probably the press-enterprise. 

her breakfast came.  along with it the insanity?  biscuits and gravy.  did they strike some dead synapse?  or dead husband?

i wasn’t sure at first.  a quick look to her right.  lips moving.  back to the biscuits and gravy.  anger now.  now i knew.  almost excited.  animated conversation.  tears choked back.  a pointed fork.  to her right.  loaded with biscuits and gravy.  lips moving.  anger.  almost tears. 

a lady.  a newspaper.  insanity.  biscuits and gravy.


thanks to my friend, ruby, for the inspiration this morning.



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