another day in a life

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the brown eyed girl and i had a couple of things planned for yesterday.  she’s always sorta complaining i need to plan shit.  fine.  but she forgets and i forget.  so plans need to be made often and at least several times or we both forget and nothing gets done.  we are both retired so like it doesn’t matter.  but what the fuck?  right? 

at any rate, we had planned on hanging a few photographs i’d picked up at the claremont farmer’s market.  there’s a lady there most weeks, but not this coming sunday, who has some really nice photos she’s taken over the years in italy.  photos that look like paintings.  really stellar stuff.  pamela j. photography, for anyone interested. 

well, brown eyed girl and i had levels of several sizes, a laser level as well, plus a large tape measure.  of course, the trailer i live in is not level.  not that it’s like um, well, britney spears style not level but you may or may not get my drift.  then again your home isn’t level either. plus, one of the levels the brown eyed girl supplied was from the 99 cent store and had seen better days. 

all things considered nothing was gonna stop us.  except for laughing our ass off at each others antics, the levels, and just about anything else.  we spent more time laughing than actually hanging the photos.  a sorta laurel and hardy movie of real life.  ok, their movies were real life as well.  any normal couple would have been yelling at each other and the whole fucking deal would have been one of those things that years later you tell someone that it was one of the things that sealed the deal to eventually just walk away from it all.

no, not us.  we laugh.  laugh till we almost cry.  of course, it’s stupid shit but most folks take stupid shit the wrong way.  not us.  we laugh.  ok.  so the photos look nice.  almost an art gallery type deal. courtesy of the brown eyed girl, and the laser level which on it’s own was worth several good laughs.

after the photo hanging and trying to nail down just what the hell is going on this weekend we went to a movie.  we kept going back to the weekend as we both were pretty much clueless as to what the fuck we were doing this weekend.  i think we have today and tomorrow down.  finally.  saturday as well.  that is if we can both remember we have a dinner reservation in pasadena for saturday.  hopefully both of us will show up, together, on time, and at the same restaurant.

the movie.  i haven’t been to a movie in years.  i’m really not sure just what was my last movie going experience.  maybe ‘titanic’.  but it’s all very hazy.

today we went and saw ‘vicky christina barcelona’.  the new woody allen film.  the brown eyed girl had the choice or option.  i really didn’t care.   it’s an odd sorta film but woody did himself proud when writing it.  very very well done.  though there are places where it lags and slows.  sorta like one of my weird blogs.  not unlike this one.  the acting is stellar as well and the barcelona scenery held up it’s end of the deal in grand style.

the only real problem i have with the movie is woody writing in a character that smokes.  then casting an actress to play the character in the movie who obviously doesn’t smoke and never has.  it’s one of those distracting thingys.  as an ex smoker, of many many years, who got to the point of 3 packs a day plus other stuff, i find it annoying when people pretend to smoke.  it’s bloody annoying and distracting. 

‘oh, i can act.  i can pretend to smoke.  i’m an actor after all, mr. demille.’  sorry, the two are at opposite poles.  180 degrees out.  there is no one on this planet who doesn’t or hasn’t actually smoked and inhaled said smoke for a number of years that can pretend to smoke and pull it off.  no fucking way no fucking how.  pure and simple. 

yeah, it’s a minor thing but the movie would have been better had the character not smoked or someone cast as the character who actually did smoke.  the brown eyed girl wanted me to take it up with woody.  she may have a point. 

any the ways, it was a pretty good day in a life.



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