2008 college football predictions week 2

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all in all a pretty good week last week.  a sorta nice 6 for 10.  with any sorta luck i might be able to manage similar numbers every week.  yes, of course, can i also interest you in purchasing a fetlock from a yeti i have living under the trailer i live in?  any the ways, time will tell as always.

the best game of the weekend was the last game of the weekend.  i don’t think ucla is that good and i suppose the new regime had something to do with their nice upset.  though it cost me a win.  none the less, it’s always a nice thing when the pac 10 plays well on a national stage. 

just remember this is for entertainment purposes only and using whatever convoluted logic i pump out with my picks will only get you into serious trouble with your local bookie and or vegas.  also i use several sources for my point spreads.  what’s here is what i go with even if it changes during the week. 

all that being said it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll, again.

tulane at alabama.  bama favored by 30 points.  the tide did a fine job last week on clemson.  they will do the same thing this week as well but things might go a bit easier for them.  yes, it’s a bunch of points.  if it were more i’d probably not be saying this but…take bama to win and cover.

georgia tech at boston college.  boston eagles favored by 7 points.  probably the only school in the acc that is going to be anywhere but home come bowl season this year.  they just might be boston college.   then again maybe not.  this one could be close and come down to the final few minutes.  regardless, take boston to win and cover.

utah st at oregon.  the beloved ducks favored by 35.5 points.  yeah, it’s a pile of points.  yeah, the ducks rolled over the huskies fairly easily last week.  the ducks secondary shut down the huskies pretty good qb.  utah st isn’t washington.  oregon shouldn’t have much of a problem taking care of business back at auzten this week as well.  the ducks are right on track to go 10-2 just like i predicted they would back in may.  the ducks could throw up 60+ for this game.  the ducks win and cover.  GO DUCKS!!!

oregon st at penn st.  penn st favored by 16.5.  the beavers never really got it rolling last week.  joe pa and his boys did.  with the game at collage station i guess the beavers are lucky they aren’t an even bigger underdog.  take penn st to win and cover.

air force at wyoming.  wyoming favored by 3 points.  old readers might remember i love old wac teams.  well, here’s two of them.  this might be one of the best games of the day.  air force to win or cover.

byu at washington.  even and not on the board.  interesting that little bit ain’t it?  well folks that has changed.  i know what i said but it’s my blog and my predictions plus i’d be a fool to pass on such a big change.  BYU IS NOW FAVORED BY 9 POINTS.  yeah, ty, don’t look back just get the boys up for this one.  the huskies home opener.  the anti ty crowd is ramping up the dump him soonest talk.  sigh.  ty willingham can coach, kids.  for whatever bizarre reason no one is willing or seems to be willing to let him get the damn job started up and rolling.  byu needs this game to begin their bcs bowl busting year.  ty and the huskies throw a wrench in the works.  take washington to win or cover the points..

san diego st at notre dame.  the irish favored by 22.  what could be better than an old wac team making the trip to the golden domers home and covering those 22 points?  well, probably winning the game but they aren’t what they used to be.  then neither are the irish.  who might maybe make it to a bowl this year.  maybe.  take san diego to cover the points. 

unlv at utah.  utah favored by 21.5 points.  yes, utah took it to  michigan’s big house and pulled out a win.  fine.  unlv isn’t michigan.  however, unlv isn’t a bad team this year.  to many points for my liking. 
utah will win but take unlv to cover the points.

toledo at arizona.  arizona favored by 22.5 points.  to much heat and to much talent on the part of the wildcats.  take arizona to win and cover.  

stanford at arizona st.  arizona st favored by 14.  more desert heat.  more talent.  though stanford just might be the real deal surprise this year in the pac 10.  we shall see.  take the sun devils to win and cover.

ok.  that’s it for this weeks picks.  leave your money where it belongs.  in your 401K or in your wallet.  don’t get stupid.



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